Wonder Woman's Connection to NBC's Powerless Explained

DC Comics' new superhero workplace sitcom "Powerless," featuring Vanessa Hudgens, Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi, takes the superhero visual experience to the ground level while following insurance agents that have to assess the damage left behind by the god-like beings of the DC Universe.

The actors from the upcoming NBC series shared some interesting tidbits about their characters' roles in the pilot episode with DC All Access, and Hudgens dropped a bombshell about her character Emily Locke that ties the show to the big three in DC. As it turns out, her first task as a claims adjuster is working an area left in shambles by the one and only Wonder Woman.

The show takes place in Charm City and, as far as powered individuals go, follows the adventures of hero Crimson Fox and hero-turned-villain Jack O'Lantern. It's not known if Wonder Woman's event takes place in Charm City or if other A-list heroes and villains will make regular appearances, but the agents will take on insurance claims related to Metropolis, Gotham City, Coast City, and even Atlantis.

NBC ordered "Powerless" to series in May. It's slated to debut at midseason in 2017.

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