Wonder Woman, X-Men 3, Smallville, Superman Returns: April 18th Comic Reel Wrap


The scuttlebutt over at Moviehole is that virtual unknown Mikki Padilla is in the running for the role of Themiscira's Finest.


Actor Bill Duke talked to Blackfilm.com about his role in the latest mutant minded movie. Duke plays, "General Trask ... the head of Homeland Security. HeÕs the PresidentÕs right hand man and he has the responsibility of advising the president in terms of everything, every action ... I can tell you that Brett Ratner is a perfectionist, a detailed person down to the finest possible turn of the page; and as a result, I think he has the ability to work with actors which most directors donÕt. In fact, when youÕre moving around, he tells you whatÕs happening before and whatÕs happening after and then you talk about the execution of your part in terms of the character that both you and he creates ... verbally, IÕve been told that if things go well, thereÕs some interest in me continuing in the process of the character."

Meanwhile, Marvel movie mogul Avi Arad made a path to Moving Pictures magazine (subscription required) about the sequel and its parallel to real-life struggles.


The network has posted the trailer for the next episode, "Mercy" in glorious QuickTime.


According to Superhero Hype, the entire cast will lend their talents to the EA video game based on the film.


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