Wonder Woman, Watchmen, Sock Monkey: October 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Warner Brothers has struck back at a story alleging sexism in their production practices, and they stood on one of the biggest soapboxes of all, the trade publication Variety. "Indeed, he is offended by rumors of his cinematic misogyny," their article wrote. "Female superheroes are prominent in two upcoming Warners comicbook actioners. Wonder Woman joins the male ensemble in DC's 'The Justice League' and Silk Spectre leads Alan Moore's 'Watchmen.' Female co-stars figure in both 'Speed Racer' and 'Get Smart.' And Robinov is still seeking the right script and star for a 'Wonder Woman' feature, which has been in development for a decade."


Speaking of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic, the fansite WatchmenComicMovie.com notes new filming in Vancouver. "Scenes for the upcoming 'Watchmen' movie are currently being filmed at Riverview Hospital in Vancouver" their report reads. "Filming started on October 4th inside the Crease Building, which has been used as the Gilette Manticore base in the TV series Dark Angel."


Comics2Film is reporting that there's movement on the idea of Tony Millionaire's visions coming to multiplexes. "One answer is that animated features are big business. The other is that the new pitch may be enjoying momentum from the success of the 'Drinky Crow' show that piloted on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim during the summer. In a July interview, Millionaire and his 'Drinky' collaborator Eric Kaplan told C2F that things were looking good for the show to get picked up."


CBR News has new images from the world of Warner Animation.


According to XMenFilms.net, Kym Barrett has joined the crew as a costume designer.


Director Christopher Nolan answered five questions for Wizard about the Bat-sequel, including whether we'd see touches of the stylings seen in "Memento." "No less than in 'Batman Begins,'" Nolan said. "The challenge for us here, and this is something I spoke to David [Goyer] and Jonah [Nolan] a lot about, was more that there were lots of characters and more of an epic scope to this film. The storytelling is very much conventional drama. The challenge was in juggling a fat story."

Wizard also features a feature discussing Heath Ledger's turn as the Joker, the return of Two-Face and a breakdown of early footage.

Finally, Batman-On-Film is reporting that "The first full trailer for 'TDK' should be hitting theaters pretty soon -- like 'December-ish' -- so the industry scuttlebutt indicates. It's been whispered to BOF that the best bet for the trailer is for it to be attached to 'I AM LEGEND' (December 14th) -- which just so happens to be a Warner Bros. film. Also, we were told that there's a chance that it could premiere online via 'TDK's viral marketing campaign as the teaser was released last summer (July at Comic Con)."


Devoted to Smallville has the official network description for the upcoming episode, "Lara."


Comingsoon.net has a list of relevant dates, including "Wolverine" (Nov. 7 start date), "Magneto" (Jan. 1), "G.I. Joe" (Feb. 8), "Justice League" (Feb. 11), and even "Dragon Ball Z" (Fall '08).


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