Marvel Girl Power: 15 Marvel Female Superheroes That Could Destroy Wonder Woman

Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, is an emissary of love and peace. Ironically, she’s also one of the strongest people in DC Comics. Raised from childhood to be a warrior, Diana has trained for literal centuries. In turn, she’s an amazing hand-to-hand combatant and a better melee fighter than even Batman. In many versions of her origin, Wonder Woman received her powers from the Greek Gods. She was endowed with the strength of Hercules, the speed of Hermes, wisdom of Athena, and armed with indestructible bracelets that could deflect any projectile. Her unbreakable Lasso of Truth is used to ensnare opponents, rendering them helpless, and her tiara can be used as a lethal boomerang. With power that rivals Superman’s, few mortals can, or want, to challenge her.

It takes a significantly sized threat to endanger Wonder Woman. Often enough, the only people who can challenge her are gods and demigods. That might change should the Amazing Amazon make her way to the Marvel Universe. Though known for having grounded/weaker heroes, there is plenty of female warriors who could do more than give Wonder Woman pause. Today at CBR we’re looking at 15 Marvel female superheroes that could definitely take down Wonder Woman.


Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch started off a member of Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Quickly, she left her villainous father and became an Avenger. Though she became a hero, she had a sordid love affair with disaster. On account of her reality warping powers, effectively letting her rewriter the laws of the universe, Wanda went crazy and caused "Avengers Disassembled" and "House of M". The unpredictability of her hex powers leaves her as one of Marvel’s most dangerous beings.

During "House of M", she rebuilt reality according to her deepest desires. Furthermore, aside from reality altering powers, she’s an incredibly skilled magic user; she’s the Nexus Being of the main Marvel Universe. This means she is the focal point and personification of the 616’s overriding character. Forever a threat to the fabric of reality, she could rewrite Wonder Woman’s essence and not even know she’s done it.

14 X-23

Wonder Woman can take a lot of physical punishment. Heck, she shrugs off punches from Superman. Still, one of her more problematic weaknesses is piercing weapons, you know, like knives. If there’s one lady in the Marvel Universe who has knives, and the sharpest around, it’s the mutant X-23. The genetic copy of Wolverine, X-23, or Laura, is one of the deadliest people on the planet. Born out of a birthing tube by Weapon X, X-23 was the result of 22 other experiments to clone Wolverine.

She was designed to be superior in every way and underwent a series of brutal operations without anesthesia to implant adamantium claws in her arms and feet. She turned out better than expected. A killing machine when she needs to be, her healing factor and unbreakable claws have beaten Wolverine on a couple occasions. Whatever Wonder Woman throws at her, X-23 will keep coming.


The X-Man Kitty Pryde might not be the physically strongest, but she’s got it where it counts. Simply put, Kitty’s power is phasing. She can walk through walls or people, phase objects into each other, or even lock an object in the ground. Taking her ability a step further, she can phase someone until they’re miles beneath the earth’s surface. Her molecular manipulation abilities are second to none, and analyzing her powers more in depth, you’ll see that Kitty isn’t just phasing; she’s quantum tunneling.

This means she controls the quantum state of every particle of her body. Anyway, this is all fancy talk and pretty much means Wonder Woman won’t be able to touch her. Kitty on the other hand, can do all sorts of horrible things to the Amazon Princess, including phasing her hand into her brain and then solidifying, which would likely kill Wonder Woman instantly.


Sue Storm is one of the founding members of the Fantastic Four. Going by the Invisible Woman, her powers appear simple at first. Many readers and super villains make the mistake in believing she can only turn invisible; she can do so much more.

While it’s true that turning invisible and creating force fields are the centerpieces to her powers, she can do everything Green Lantern can, except have it be invisible. Energy blasts, cutting off an opponent’s air (or limbs), and even generating force bubbles in a person’s heart or brain, a Sue unleashed might as well be a god. She’s beaten the totality of the Avengers, Doctor Doom, and her own team. With the inability to see her attacks coming, if Sue is out for blood, Diana literally won’t know what hit her. Even Reed Richards called Sue the FF’s most powerful member.


The X-Man Rogue started as a villain before she joined the side of angels. When she first appeared, Rogue single-handedly took on all the Avengers, including the likes of Thor and Captain America. Effectively an energy vampire, Rogue’s mutant power involves draining the life-force out of whoever she touches, while also getting whatever powers they have and bits of their personality. For good measure, she also possesses Ms. Marvel’s power set. Such powers include flight, invulnerability, and super strength.

Wonder Woman is decidedly faster and stronger than Rogue, but the problem remains: Diana won’t be able to touch her. In fact, she won’t even know she shouldn’t touch Rogue until it’s too late. Being the warrior born that she is, Diana will likely hit Rogue in the face at one point. That’s all the contact Rogue would need to drain Diana of her powers and leave her powerless.


Yes, Storm is on the list. Are you surprised? After all, she already once defeated Wonder Woman when the two fought in the "Dc vs. Marvel" crossover event. Some say the fight was skewed, since fans voted in who ought to win, but even if that’s true, Storm is an Omega Level mutant with a shocking degree of power.

Storm’s ability to manipulate the weather is practically unparalleled. The only one above her in such feats is Thor, the God of Thunder. Yet while Thor takes a more bombastic and overwhelming approach with his weather manipulation, Storm is exceedingly precise and deadlier for it. If Thor is a wrecking ball, Storm is a surgeon’s scalpel. She can affect major weather events in localized areas, call down lightning, and even manipulate Earth’s electromagnetic field. Storm is one Weather Goddess with the power to control a whole world!


Back a couple years ago, Deadpool’s popularity blew up to nearly unprecedented levels. Because of this, Marvel drained the Deadpool swamp and churned out Lady Deadpool. A female version of Deadpool from Earth-3010, don’t let Wanda Wilson’s goofy antics fool you. We’ve seen what happens in stories like Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe when the Merc With the Mouth is unleashed. Spoiler alert: everyone dies.

Wanda has all of Deadpool’s powers, abilities, and potential viciousness. Practically immortal, she’s immune to telepathy, is a masterful killer, and can heal from any wound in seconds. She also carries around something called her Bottomless Satchel, which is a cartoonish bag that seems limitless in what it can carry for her; mostly she just has lots of weapons. Wonder Woman has faced a lot of crazy foes, but an immortal gag character with a Wolverine-level healing factor could prove more than troublesome.


To be clear, there are few heroes in the Marvel Universe as powerful and fierce as America Chavez. A member of the Ultimates, she, along with Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spectrum, Blue Marvel, and even Galactus occasionally, find non-violent solutions to the Marvel Universe’s biggest problems.

That said, there’s no one you’d rather have in a fight than America. Known for literally punching holes in reality, she’s been travelling through and saving the multiverse since she was a child. Additionally, she’s one of the strongest beings in existence, it’s nearly impossible to hurt her, and even Captain Marvel is in awe of her abilities. In fact, America is on the team in case any of her teammates get out of hand and she needs to take them down. That’s right, America Chavez can (easily) beat down planet-busters without breaking a sweat. Good luck, Wonder Woman.


Crystal is the younger sister of Medusa, the queen of the Inhumans, In recent years, Crystal hasn’t shined brightly, despite Marvel pushing the Inhumans, but she still wields a staggering arsenal of elemental powers. Basically, Crystal can manipulate the elements earth, air, fire and water. Stronger than most Inhumans, the extent of Crystal’s powers is obscene. She can control the air a person breathes, make a tornado, or spontaneously hit someone with a 6.7 earthquake on the Richter scale.

If she wants, Crystal can summon over 15,000 gallons of water and can manipulate any substance that makes up the bedrock of the planet. She often uses these abilities in tandem to create multi-faceted attacks. Wonder Woman can take a lot of punishment, but against someone who can manipulate the world’s physical building blocks, Crystal might be more a Justice League tier opponent then one Diana wants to battle solo.


The daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey from an alternate future timeline, Rachel Summers is the strongest of member of the Summers family tree. Her power-set, similar to her mother’s, revolves around telekinesis and telepathy. Insanely powerful, Rachel controlled the Phoenix Force for years, something her mother could never do. Dangerous when she needs to be, there are few beings on the planet, or even the cosmos, that can defy her.

Recently in X-Men Gold, Rachel received a power boost, further increasing her telepathy and telekinetic abilities. She then realized the only thing limiting her power was the fear of tapping into her potential -- imagine what it might unleash if she did. Wonder Woman has taken on powerful telepaths and telekinetics, but she’s struggled with battling Martian Manhunter, the Justice League’s resident telepath. In a battle of Phoenix-powered brain versus brawn, the fight goes to Rachel.


Monica Rambeau has been a member of several Avengers teams, going by the names of Spectrum and Captain Marvel. To perhaps the surprise of a few, she’s easily one of Marvel Comics’ mightiest mortals and superheroes; she’s even on the verge of transcending mortality as we understand it. After acquiring hard light powers, Spider-Man introduced her to the Avengers and she became a valued team member.

Monica’s power is so revered that Captain America and Iron Man have classified Monica as an Alpha Level Threat. Among other things, Monica can transform into any form of energy along the electromagnetic spectrum, gaining all of that energy’s properties. Monica can travel and think at the speed of light and beyond. Finally, it requires little effort on her part to destroy a planet, something few heroes can attest to. Wonder Woman might be fast, but fighting planet-buster light is above her pay grade.


Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, is a mutant with some groovy superpowers. However, she gets a bad reputation on account of singing disco anthems while riding shiny roller skates. Dazzler is a marvelous singer, but her mutant power of converting sound into various types of light makes her a living dynamo.

Initially she only used her ability to make live shows extra bombastic, dazzling her audience. Later, she learned her powers’ potential. Now she can turn sound into focused hard-light blasts. This means that any sound she hears, no matter how tiny or big, like an explosion, she can effectively absorb and channel it into raw power capable of beating folks like the Hulk and Galactus. Dazzler even once killed Thanos in a What If? with her sound blasts. There is a plethora of destructive uses in converting sound to light (and photons).


Wonder Woman is practically a goddess. That being the case, her foes are generally other gods or beings of magic. Still, rarely has the Amazing Amazon encountered a magic user with the power of the Avenger Sersi. Part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes back in the ‘90s, Sersi hasn’t been seen in years, so it’s okay if you don’t remember her. That said, Sersi’s power was on an insane level.

One of the younger Eternals, Sersi, like Wonder Woman, is virtually immortal, but in addition to her longevity, she has telekinesis, telepathy, and can shoot blasts of cosmic energy. However, her ability to transmute matter makes her overpowered and lethal. With the wave of a hand, Sirsi can change anything or anyone into whatever she desires. There is no known limit to this power outside of her conscience and occasional reluctance to commit murder.


Though Wonder Woman has encountered different versions of Thor and even ran into Marvel’s God of Thunder on a couple occasions, the two haven’t fought. There are those who believe if the two mythic heroes battled, Diana would emerge victorious. Maybe she would, but that’s against Thor Odinson. Jane Foster, the Goddess of Thunder, could provide a different outcome.

Jane Foster is debatably even more competent as the God of Thunder than her male counterpart. In the relatively short time she’s been Thor, Jane has learned to wield Mjolnir in unprecedented ways, taken on the Phoenix Force, and has engaged with fights against Odin involving punching each other so hard they bounced from planet to planet around the galaxy. If this Thor and Wonder Woman fought, all it would take is a punch or two to Jupiter and some laying down of magic lightning to call it a day.


For a being like Dark Phoenix, the universe is putty in her hands, molded and shaped to however she sees fit. When the Phoenix Force possessed Jean Grey she became the most powerful mutant in the universe. Already an Omega Level telekinetic and telepath, Jean’s power was boosted to unprecedented heights.

When she became Dark Phoenix, Jean became impossibly stronger than she was before when only as regular Phoenix. She vaporized a planet with ease, something the Phoenix Force is known for doing on a regular basis anyway, and Jean would have killed her friends, and blown up the Earth, if not for her committing suicide. Dark Phoenix Jean is virtually all-powerful and even entities like Galactus have been known to retreat in its wake. There’s nothing Wonder Woman could do to come close to harming Dark Phoenix Jean, much less defeating her.

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