Wonder Woman Voice Actor Wants A Reunion to Explore Bruce/Diana Dynamic

If the recent live-action Justice League film left something to be desired in the hearts of some DC Comics fans, consolation could be coming.

The twitter account@AnimatedJL recently stirred up a storm with its tweet calling for fans of the seminal Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series to make their desire for a reunion film known with the hashtag #JLReunion. The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the original cast of the animated series, and Wonder Woman voice actor Susan Eisenberg was vocal about what she'd want from a potential follow- up.

"Well, selfishly, I’d love to explore the relationship between Bruce and Diana a bit more, and I know there are some wonderbat fans out there who feel the same way," Eisenberg told THR. "But mostly, I would just love to see a story where The League is united in its fight of good vs. evil, with some romance and levity thrown in for good measure!"

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The animated series specialized in ranging its tone and even genre, bringing a level of emotion to its story arcs that solidified its cult classic status. Frequent JLU director Andrea Romano also confirmed that she'd come out of retirement should a reunion materialize.

Longtime Batman voice Kevin Conroy also spoke to the unique power of the show. "The challenge for me playing the complicated character of Batman is his sense of isolation and inability to connect to others," Conroy said. "Especially in playing him in the team setting of the Justice League, there's a real contradiction there.”

Justice League and the subsequent Justice League Unlimited shows ran from 2001 to 2006 on Cartoon Network, but despite being off the air for over a decade, the show's managed to hold a special place within comic fandom. "There are so many fans that grew up on Justice League on Cartoon Network that seem to want to reboot some sort of movie or limited series," the show's own Man of Steel, George Newbern, said.

Other cast members also confirmed their openness to dawning their metaphorical capes, rings, and cowls again. "Executives tend to look for the biggest, shiniest new thing, not the best, most-loved old thing -- until someone proves there’s an audience for it," Green Lantern voice Phil LaMarr said.

The Flash voice actor (as well as Lex Luthor on another DC show by the name of Smallville) Michael Rosenbaum summed both his own feelings and many fans' reactions perfectly: "Why it was prematurely cancelled always baffled me. I’d be honored and grateful to be a part of any sort of reunion with all the beautiful people associated with this show."

Keep reading CBR for word on whether or not such a project may ever materialize.

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