Which Wonder Woman Villains Should Still Appear in the DCEU

In Warner Bros.' DC Extended Universe, we've already seen plenty of iconic villains. From Zod, Lex Luthor and Doomsday to Joker, Harley Quinn and Black Manta, a whole crop of DC's most iconic villains have appeared on the big screen in recent years. But as any good comic fan knows, the DCEU has barely scratched the surface -- especially when it comes to Wonder Woman villains.

In 2017's Wonder Woman, Diana Prince faced off against both Dr. Poison and the God of War himself, Ares. Now, with Wonder Woman 1984 coming in 2020, we already know that the Amazon Princess will next face off against one of her most iconic foes: Barbara Ann Minerva, the Cheetah. Now, CBR is taking a look at the other Wonder Woman supervillains who could, and should, show up in the DCEU.

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Maxwell Lord

Max Lord

Maxwell Lord is different than most villains because he started out as a friend and ally to DC's heroes. For a time, the rich businessman funded the new Justice League. However, Max had plans of his own. Over time, Lord became a dangerous villain, and his telepathic powers of control made him a fearsome foe. In fact, the character was at one time so powerful that he managed to take control of Superman. And, in order to stop him, Wonder Woman had no choice but to snap his neck.

There are rumors Wonder Woman 1984 will actually feature Maxwell Lord. Star Pedro Pascal is a part of the film's cast, and his role has, for the time being, been kept under wraps. However, the actor has been spotted wearing the type of business suit favored by Lord, which has fueled rumors that he could be playing the iconic villain in the sequel.

Dr. Psycho

Dr Psycho

Dr. Psycho is one of Wonder Woman's earliest villains. The character first debuted in 1943's Wonder Woman #5, and has appeared throughout the years as a thorn in the Amazon's side. As a powerful illusionist and mind controller, Dr. Psycho is a deceptive and manipulative villain.

The character has gone through many iterations in the comics. Most recently, in Wonder Woman: Earth One, the character received a modern twist as a manipulative pickup artist hired to get under Diana's skin. While there may be no room for the character in Wonder Woman 1984, he could easily become a main threat in a potential third film.


Even though she is a recent addition in the DC pantheon of villains, Grail is the daughter of Darkseid, lord of Apokolips. Her mother was an Amazon named Myrina, and her origin is closely tied to Wonder Woman's: when Hippolyta gave birth to Diana on Themyscira, Grail was born at the very same time, on the other side of the island. Both Amazon and New God, Grail is incredibly powerful and dangerous -- in fact, she was able to single-handedly defeat the Justice League.

Eventually, she even became the Goddess of Anti-Life. Ever since her introduction, Grail has primarily been a Wonder Woman villain, a dark double who is just as, if not more, powerful as the Amazon hero. Since the Justice League already faced the forces of Apokolips in the DCEU before, the introduction of Grail is something that could easily be worked into the cinematic universe.


Circe and Wonder Woman have been enemies for an incredibly long time. As an immortal sorceress of extreme power, Circe has all of magic at her disposal in her never-ending feud with Diana Prince. Like the Amazon Princess, Circe is rooted in Greek mythology and Amazon history, which makes for a fascinating tie between the two characters.

Since we have already seen magic at work in the DCEU thanks to the Enchantress' powerful attack in 2016's Suicide Squad, the mystical world has already been established in the movie universe. Therefore, it wouldn't be difficult to introduce another powerful sorceress in Wonder Woman 3 -- one who could make Diana Prince's life extremely unpleasant.

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Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman 1984 stars Gal Gadot as Diana, Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva/Cheetah, Pedro Pascal and Natasha Rothwell. The film opens on June 5, 2020.

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