The Secret Origin (and Controversy) of Wonder Woman's Twin Brother

In a major announcement, DC Comics revealed that the creative team that will follow Shea Fontana and Yancey Labat on Wonder Woman will be writer James Robinson and artists Emanuela Lupacchino and Carlo Pagulayan. The team's opening arc will be titled "Children of the Gods," and will concern Wonder Woman and the twin brother that she has never met.

In case you read that previous sentence and thought, "Her twin what?," allow us to fill you in on the secret origin of Wonder Woman's twin brother, Jason and why the news of his return has led to some controversy.

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In Justice League #40, Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok kicked off the "Darkseid War" storyline kicked with the introduction of Grail, the daughter of Darkseid!

That introduction was quickly followed up by DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day 2015 offering, which was also by Johns and Fabok and it showed the origin of Grail, namely that she was the daughter of an Amazon who hid her birth by having her on the same day that Queen Hippolyta gave birth to Diana. In all of the commotion over the queen's labor, an Amazon by the name of Myrina was able to hide her own labor. She was aided just by a couple of her friends, but when she gave birth, they were shocked by the appearance of the baby girl. She was clearly not of this world.

When one of the Amazons with her begins to have visions of the pain that will be caused by this girl, Myrina realizes that she has to leave Themyscira with her child. She then decided that she would then train her daughter to eventually taking down Darkseid himself. Before she left, though, she witnessed Hippolyta's labor.

By the way, all the way back in the original "Origin" storyline in Justice League #5 (by Johns, Jim Lee and Scott Williams), Grail's existence was hinted at by showing that Darkseid had come to Earth for "her" (her being, of course, Grail - but no one knew that at the time).

There were a couple of other Grail hints before she finally showed up (like a mention in Vibe's comic about Darkseid's daughter).

"The Darkseid War" dealt with Myrina's plan finally being implemented, with Grail (seen here for the first non-shadowy appearance in Justice League #41) having cut a deal with the Anti-Monitor to team-up to take down Darkseid. Myrina was so desperate to prove that her daughter's birth good lead to the destruction of Darkseid that she was willing to risk the lives of billions if it meant taking Darkseid down in the process.

By the end of "The Darkseid War" in Justice League #50 (by Johns and Fabok), various members of the Justice League had gone through some dramatic changes due to many of them having been transformed into New Gods during the event. At the end of the story, Grail shockingly not only killed Darkseid, but she then resurrected him...only to kill him again! However, when all was said and done, she had reincarnated Darkseid once again in the body of Superwoman's child. Grail escaped with the baby, with the intent to raise him for reasons of her own.

Justice League #50 also contained some shocking revelations, with the most famous being Batman discovering that there are somehow three Jokers! However, Wonder Woman had a revelation that was almost as crazy as that. Myrina explained to Diana that before she escaped Themyscira with her daughter, she saw Wonder Woman's birth...along with her mystery twin brother, Jason!!

Soon after Justice League #50, Geoff Johns followed up a few of the revelations in that story with DC Universe: Rebirth #1, where Johns launched the "Rebirth" initiative with the DC Comics Universe. In that issue, we saw Grail talk about Wonder Woman's twin brother (her mother told her the story, as well) and how he fits into her plans with her new baby Darkseid...

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Generally speaking, a lot of those major changes (like Three Jokers and Wonder Woman's mystery twin) did not seem to get much more than a "Huh?" reaction from the readers, both because they were quickly overshadowed by the major universe-altering revelations of DC Universe Rebirth #1 (the possible Watchmen connection alone overshadowed any other plots) and because neither the Three Jokers nor the twin revelations were immediately followed up in the related "Rebirth" titles that launched at that time (Tom King's Batman and Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman) and they did not seem like there were any concrete plans to address these stories.

Interestingly enough, by the way, back in the Pre-New 52 Wonder Woman series by Gail Simone, she introduced a male version of Themyscira, created by Zeus. In the introduction of Thalarion in Wonder Woman #28 (by Simone, Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan), Zeus gave the leadership of this new island to Jason, of "Jason and the Argoanuts" fame...

It will be interesting to see if Jason will tie in at all to the famous mythical Jason.

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Now that we know that the mystery of Wonder Woman's twin brother will be addressed in this upcoming James Robinson-penned run, the reaction from fans has been mixed. After the striking success of the Wonder Woman film, which was directed by a female director (Patty Jenkins), a good deal of fans were hoping that the next regular writer on Wonder Woman would be a woman. So not only is the new writer not a woman, but the storyline will be about Wonder Woman's brother!

Clearly, with the revelation of her twin brother being in the important conclusion of "The Darkseid War" and getting a specific highlight in DC Universe Rebirth, DC was bound to eventually address this plot point, but the timing seems a bit off. They had already waited a year before getting into it without issue, so it was not like this was time sensitive. When you're launching a new creative team in a time when attention to Wonder Woman news is magnified and you're garnering a ton of great publicity related to your female-driven hit film, having the hook for the now-more-interested-than-ever general public be, "Hey, check out Wonder Woman's brother!" that sounds like this plot point could have waited a little bit longer for it to be addressed.

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