Unsurprisingly, Wonder Woman's Twin Brother Is [SPOILER]


Ever since the events of 2015's Justice League: Darkseid War, it has been known (to readers, at least) that Wonder Woman had a secret twin brother.

Born on Themyscira the same night as Diana and then taken off of Paradise Island, due to its status as a haven reserved only for female Amazons, the infant boy was hidden somewhere far, far away. It was a world-shattering revelation for Diana, albeit one that didn't see much development in the months that followed. DC Rebirth Special #1 would slightly touch upon her brother, revealing him to be named Jason and setting up the notion that Grail, the daughter of Darkseid and an Amazon, would also be searching for him, seeing as how he was someone of great power.

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On the final page of last month's Wonder Woman #32, Diana would come face to face with her brother for the first time. However, it would only be in this week's issue, #34, by James Robinson and Sergio Davila, that we would see their actual initial meeting. When the the pair meet, it's surprisingly heartwarming. On the Aegean coast, overlooking the calm waters, brother and sister unite after a lifetime of seperation.  However, this surprisingly touching meeting turns out to be nothing but a ruse, a trap laid by Jason that becomes obvious when he reveals himself to be wrathful and quite hateful of Diana.

Wonder Woman Jason is a villain

That's right, Wonder Woman's twin brother Jason, whose bug debut had been teased for the past two years is, unsurprisingly, another villain who despises Diana. What looked to be a different and inspiring tale of long lost siblings has, for now, turned out to be another take on the evil twin trope.

Instead of making it obvious from the get-go, the issue instead played with our emotions, making us believe we could be getting one thing when, in fact, the more obvious was inevitable. Diana and Jason initially bond over their shared heritage, about the fact that both of them are, as the title of the story suggests, "Children of the Gods," and thus, god-like beings themselves. Jason makes a joke about his nose, about how he's glad Diana didn't get a similar one and, for a moment, it seems like Wonder Woman might truly be making a new friend, and a potential new ally. They share reservations about Zeus, and they compare powers. Jason, as it turns out, has a few powers similar to Diana, including the power of flight. However, he says he also has a few that are different, and that he used them a few times to help others. At this point, the reader starts to wonder if we would be seeing Wonder Woman take a new hero under her wing, training him to become just as formidable a force for good as she is.

Wonder Woman and Jason fly

Alas, none of those story possibilities come to pass. Jason reveals his true goal when the sun starts to set, allowing his true self be revealed, declaring his hatred for a sister he feels no connection to. At this point, he reveals that there is someone he feels genuinely close to... Grail, Diana's enemy and Amazonian "sister."

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At this point, Grail arrives and reveals herself to be allied with Jason. The two of them team to battle Wonder Woman, a fight the Amazon Princess simply can't hope to win when Jason reveals one of his special abilities: the power to manipulate the air itself, to create devastating tsunamis.

The issue ends with a defeated Diana, and a Jason who promises that he will be the one to end his sister, indicating a rather bleak future for Wonder Woman. While she spent the better part of two years in search not only of the truth, but of her brother, she only ended up with more questions, and a brand new enemy that wants her dead.

Wonder Woman and Jason battle

There were only ever two possibilities as two what Jason could ultimately be. A hero, or a villain. Early on, seeing Wonder Woman and he bond over their life stories came with a bit of uncertainty, something that seemed too good to be true for Diana, and for superhero comics in general. The fact that Jason is in fact a villain is not that much of a surprise, and in many ways something of a let-down. However, his straigth-up alliance with Grail helps redeem the story decision somewhat, adding a little bit of excitement to an otherwise cliche story.

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