The Origin (and Powers) of Wonder Woman’s Twin Brother’s Armor, Revealed

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman #47 by James Robinson and Stephen Segovia, in stores now.

A few months ago, in Wonder Woman #41, Diana's twin brother Jason mysteriously went missing for a few days. When he returned, he was wearing a strange and powerful new armor, a uniform that allowed him to call upon the powers of the Greek gods, one at a time.

The problem was, Jason had no idea where he had been during those few days, and as such, he had no idea where his armor had come from. As the series progressed, Jason went about harnessing the new powers that came with this mighty red and gold suit, learning to be more of a hero along the way, but the origin of his new outfit remained a mystery.

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Now, three months later, Jason finally gets some answers -- and so do we.  In the issue, Jason learns the origin of his armor, its purpose, and the person it was actually meant for. Alas, this special armor was not intended for him as he originally thought, but for his heroic twin sister, Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman Jason costume

In his quest to learn what happened to him in his missing days, Jason turns to three woman who might have answers -- the Fates, the three Greek mythological deities of destiny. Naturally, the Fates know everything about what Jason is looking for, and reveal to him that his armor was created by Zeus himself as the ultimate weapon to battle the Dark Gods, who just so happen to be arriving on Earth in this very issue.

The Dark Gods were a threat held outside of reality for a very long time, until the Source Wall at the edge of the Universe was broken by the Justice League in Dark Nights: Metal. Now, they are once again free to come for our planet, and they haven't hesitated to start influencing the people all over the world.

In the hopes of defeating them, the rest of the Greek pantheon enacted the deceased Zeus' wish to give the armor to the most powerful of Earth's heroes. But because of their ancient views and values, they believed that that meant his son, Jason, and not his daughter Diana. Therefore, the Greek gods unknowingly gave Jason the armor that was meant for Diana. The only problem is that Jason now cannot give the armor back to Diana -- it's bonded with him, and only him.


There you have it, the secret origin of Jason's mysterious Greek armor. The almighty Zeus had enough foresight to plan for the arrival of the Dark Gods, and created a weapon to battle them. He meant for it to be used by Diana, but his fellow brethren, in their antiquated beliefs, thought that the armor was meant for a man rather than a woman. Now the weapon that could save the world is in the hands of an inexperienced superhero, and he better get a whole lot better in using it if he has any hopes of helping his sister defeat this ancient cosmic threat.

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