Wonder Woman, Transformers, Batman Begins, Firebreather: April 4th Comic Reel Wrap


SyFyPortal has some new quotes from Joss Whedon about how he got shipped to Themyscria. "It's been in development for a lot of years," Whedon said. "Producer Joel Silver called me, and I came in. When he pitched it, he had a very clear idea of what he wanted to do, which I thought was really smart, but it was very unformed, and it sort of formed in my brain. What I began to realize is I had no choice but to write it." He also noted a respect for what's gone before. "I've seen some really good books, some really great work by people -- late-'80s artist/writer George Perez and late-'90s artist/writer John Byrne, a lot of guys," Whedon said. "Obviously, I've seen the covers by female superhero artist Adam Hughes, but who hasn't? However, I've seen her more with the Justice League of America and stuff like that. "I have a take on all of them," he said of the disparate areas of the Wonder Woman mythos. "It has to do with who she is, and they have a certain integrity. I'm not going to do anything silly."


Ain't It Cool News is reporting that "Dreamworks has narrowed the list of potential directors for 'TRANSFORMERS' down to two names, both familiar to fanboys worldwide. Roland Emmerich is evidently eager to do the film, but I hear he's about to get shut out in favor of Michael Bay."


Have you heard the flapping of leathery wings? Numerous sites are already posting the new teasers, which began popping up this weekend (such as World of KJ, working in glorious QuickTime) showing the swarms of nocturnal flying rodents and even a brief look at a certain billionaire swinging from the skyscrapers of Gotham City.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Nickelodeon Movies/Paramount are in negotiations to acquire the rights to the graphic novel "Fire Breather," by Phil Hester and Andy Kuhn.


According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Hugh Laurie (Fox's "House") will no longer be playing the role of Perry White in Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns." "'House's' likely early return means Laurie won't be able to play the role of Perry White in Singer's new 'Superman' movie, now filming in Australia."


Comics Continuum is reporting that, "Jim Lee was interviewed recently at WildStorm's offices in La Jolla, Calif., for a segment to be included in the 'WildC.A.T.S. The Complete Series' DVD set. The collection, from FUNimation, will include the entire one-season run of the animated series, which originally aired on CBS 10 years ago. It is targeted for release this summer." They also have some wonderfully nostalgic screen captures.


Screen Daily (subscription required) is reporting that production may be leaving the UK for financial reasons. Producer Lloyd Levin cites the exchange rate of the US dollar to the British pound as one of the reasons for the change of location, although he made it clear that Greengrass was still attached and that they're still hoping to release the film in the summer of 2006.


Superhero Hype caught up to actor Ryan Reynolds, who's anxious to get fitted for a tight red suit. "'The Flash' is something David Goyer is writing now and we're hoping Warner Brothers will greenlight it," he said. "The story he has for it is unbelievable. I mean you know it's such a mind-boggling story, so I'm really excited about it. There's so much I didn't realize about the laws of physics and relativity that you can get into with the Flash. And you know the fact that he's basically doing things like arriving before he's left. I mean this stuff to me is really interesting to capture on film. If it all goes well, I'll be playing it. I have a penchant for wearing red unitards to various parties around town so I'm in. There's nothing contractual about it. David Goyer and I have always said we would like to do it together and Warner Brothers seems to approve of that."


Speaking of Reynolds, Sci Fi Wire found out that Mr. Alanis Morrisette has had just about enough of his vampire-slaying days. "No, I don't want to do a 'Nightstalker' movie," Reynolds said. "I mean, that was just something they just kind of gauged our interest on, to spin off 'Blade.' I don't think its going to [go]. I think people, if they go see a Blade movie, they want to see Wes [star Wesley Snipes]. That's who they've watched all this way. So I suggested to New Line if they want to spin that off, take the characters and do something totally different with them, ... outside of the realm of vampires or whatever."


According to Comics Continuum, "Ron Perlman, star of the 'Hellboy' movie and its upcoming sequel, provides the voices of Killer Croc in 'Swamped,' an upcoming episode of 'The Batman' animated series. Perlman, who also does the voice of Slade in Teen Titans, gives Croc a Bayou accent.'Swamped' is written by Tom Pugsley and Greg Klein and is directed by Brandon Vietti." Also, the Toon Zone Forums have a scan of that TV Guide story we mentioned last week, and shows not just the new Batgirl, but a look at the new Poison Ivy as well.


Apple Computers has posted the trailers we've all been squinting at in glorious, fully rendered QuickTime.


The official website for "Teen Titans: Switched - Season One, Volume Two" DVD is now online featuring video clips, pictures, DVD info, and more. The website also mentions the "Teen Titans - Season Two, Volume One" DVD release is "coming soon."


This past weekend, there was a new movie released, adapting a bunch of old Frank Miller stories ... did you hear anything about that? According to ICv2, "'Sin City' easily claimed the box office crown over the weekend with an estimated gross of $28.1 million ... Opening in 3230 theaters, 'Sin City' earned an average of $8,707 per location.  The predominantly male audience for 'Sin City' was front loaded with over $12 million of the total coming on Friday night, leading some industry observers to predict a precipitous drop of well over 50% for next weekend.  However, given the lack of action films in the current marketplace and good word of mouth, 'Sin City' could easily surprise the experts.  The film set a record for the biggest April opening ever for an "R" rated film and had the third biggest opening total ever for the month."

Over in France, BoFilms has posted the track listings for the sound track, complete with audio samples of the songs.

Finally, co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller talked to Kevin Smith about the process, and NPR kindly recorded the whole shebang.


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