Wonder Woman Trailer Gets a Homemade Remake

Wonder Woman (film)

YouTube channel CineFix is back with a brand new Homemade Trailer. This time around, "Wonder Woman" gets the low-fi treatment from the popular channel, which swedes the trailers of blockbuster films.

CineFix's cast of actors and crafters recreate movie trailers for the year's hottest movies shot-by-shot using everyday items. The results are the highest quality garage-made films money can buy -- and that's a compliment, since "garage" is the entire aesthetic of Homemade Trailers.

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This "Wonder Woman" trailer is no exception. In lieu of gun shots and bullets ricocheting off of Diana's golden cuffs, CineFix creates sparks of colored paper. Instead of legions of soldiers flooding the beaches of Themyscira, there's a prop outfitted with green plastic soldier toys. The film's logo is gold cardboard, and cardboard also takes the place of the mighty Sword of Athena. All of it comes together to create one unique-looking and fun trailer.

"Wonder Woman" stars Gal Gadot as the titular character, with Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the film also stars David Thewlis, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, Florence Kasumba and Connie Nielsen. "Wonder Woman" arrives in theaters on June 2.

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