<i>Wonder Woman</i> to mark milestone 600th issue (surprise?)

In announcement that should surprise no one, DC Comics Executive Editor Dan DiDio confirmed this morning that Wonder Woman will return to its original numbering next summer.

That means in June the series will mark its 600th issue, rather than its 45th under the current numbering system. George Perez provides the cover art for the occasion.

The decision comes after DiDio in September challenged Wonder Woman fans to send in 600 postcards by Oct. 31 to convince him to return the title to a numbering that would reflect its 68-year history. According to his post this morning on the DC Universe blog, readers sent 712 postcards by the deadline and nearly 800 in total.

"... As a man of my word, starting in June 2010, DC’s Wonder Woman series will celebrate its 600th issue and continue on from there," DiDio wrote. "And we promise that Diana’s anniversary issue will be one to remember!"

Of course, a 600th issue was a fairly safe bet. After all, DC will kick off its yearlong 75th-anniversary celebration in January -- and with Superman and Batman both hitting their 700th issues in 2010, it was unlikely the company would pass up a chance to honor the other third of its Trinity.

One of DC's most consistently published titles, Wonder Woman debuted in 1942 before being relaunched in 1987 and again in 2006, each time with a new No. 1 issue.

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