How Wonder Woman Resurrected Steve Trevor (Again & Again)

Although we had heard rumors of Chris Pine's return in Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to Patty Jenkin's 2016 smash it Wonder Woman, they were hard to believe. After all, Steve Trevor had made the ultimate sacrifice at the end of the film, destroying an airplane filled with toxic bombs in an explosion that killed him in the process. His death was appropriately heart-wrenching, and it would propel Diana Prince on a journey filled with heart and hope to do right by mankind, whether from the shadows or the light of day.

However, now, Chris Pine's return to the Wonder Woman franchise is no longer rumor: earlier today, Patty Jenkins released an official image from the shoot of the sequel, featuring Pine's Steve Trevor in the middle of what looks to be a shopping mall circa 1984. Trevor's wearing the appropriately baggy clothes and running shoes, and he appears to bear a lost expression on his face. Clearly Steve hasn't aged a day, which means that he wasn't secretly alive all this time. His death was in 1918 after all, which would age him well over 90 years old. No, something else is at work here, which makes us believe Steve Trevor was only recently brought back to life in some form or another. But how?

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Steve Trevor was created by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter in 1941, and has been part of Wonder Woman's extended cast ever since. But like many characters who have been around for over three-quarters of a century, Steve has died -- quite a few times, in fact -- and has also been brought back to life. Here are all the ways Steve Trevor was returned to life in the source material. And who knows? Perhaps they hold a clue as to how Chris Pine will return to the DC Extended Universe fold.

Steve Howard/Eros


In 1968, Steve Trevor suffered a death at the hands of Doctor Cyber. For many years, the character was gone, but he would eventually return to life in the form of Steve Howard. Steve Howard looked exactly like Steve Trevor did, with the main difference being the color of his hair -- where Trevor was blond, Howard's hair was brown. As we would come to learn, this new version of the character was brought back to life by Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

However, Steve Howard was something else entirely: in truth, he was actually Eros, the Greek god of attraction. Eros' spirit was inside Steve's real body, and he even possessed his memories, which led him to believe that he was actually a man and not a god. Later, this version of the character would also come to die, and Eros would be released from the body.

Considering that Wonder Woman, both in the movie and in the comics, is closely tied with all manner of Greek mythology, this is a return that isn't too far fetched. We have already seen the great power of Ares in Wonder Woman, so who's to say that Aphrodite and Eros aren't alive out there somewhere, with good or bad intentions. It would sure make for quite a few twists. If anything, whether the sequel actually uses this version of Trevor's resurrection or not, don't be surprised to see the character try on a new name for this new time period. If you hear Steve Howard, then you'll know it's meant as an Easter egg.

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