Wonder Woman, Spider-Man 3, Hellboy 2: April 12th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Moviehole, a press release flying around claiming that "Days of Our Lives" actress Nadia Bjorlin "is also one of the actresses being considered for the role of Wonder Woman."


According to Variety (subscription required), Japanese manga "Wicked City" is to be retooled as a live-action English-language film by Germany's Stallion Film, with "Spawn" helmer Mark Dippe to direct and co-produce. With a $50 million-$60 million budget, Wicked City will film early next year.


Actor Thomas Haden Church talked to MSN Movies where he confirmed one of the film's biggest mysteries. "I'm overwhelmed every time I'm around Sam [Raimi]," Church said. "He's been showing me [stuff] since the beginning of last summer. 'This is what we are going to be doing in this sequence, this is what Spider-Man is going to be doing and this is what Venom is going to be doing.' It is a massive, massive process."


Actor Doug Jones is the subject of a video interview (Windows Media and QuickTime) at IESB where he talks about getting much more to do in the sequel.


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from director Bryan Singer, talking about making the documentary "Look Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman." "It was a very elaborate process," Singer said. "It's comprised of 50 or more interviews. It involved going to archives, researching and tracking down and optioning footage that people have never seen before of early incarnations of Superman." The project is currently slated for a June 20 release on DVD.

UPDATE 1:00 PM - Warner Bros. sent out a handful of new stills from the movie, and we've got them here for your viewing pleasure. The pictures show Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, Brandon Routh as Clark Kent and Kal Penn as Stanford from "Superman Returns."


Variety also reports (subscription still required) that The Weinstein Company has acquired distribution rights to the martial arts action-thriller. Wilson Yip directed the big screen adaptation of Hong Kong comic book "The Gate of Dragon and Tiger." Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Dong Jie and Li Xiao-ran star in the film.


Writer Zak Penn talked to Superhero Hype and said, "I am contracted to write and direct one of the spin-offs. One of the things about Hollywood is that it doesn't mean it's necessarily going to happen, but part of my deal was that I would get to direct one of the spin-offs. It's not going to be 'Wolverine' or the 'Magneto' one that they've announced. It's going to be one that I'm theoretically supposed to write. I just have to find the time to write it. The goal in the spin-off that I would do would be to use some of the preexisting characters, depending on actor availability, but ideally, to introduce the characters from the comic book world that haven't gotten their fair shot on screen. That's what I would shoot for. Every movie involves 50 other people's decisions, other than the writers, so it's always a battle."


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