Wonder Woman, Spider-Man 3, G.I. Joe, Jinx: March 5th Comic Reel Wrap


The invisible jet is grounded, and producer Joel Silver had some questions to answer from fans at last weekend's Wondercon, according to Sci Fi Wire. "We're not there yet," Silver said. "I mean, look, ... for a while these Marvel Comics [movies] have been kicking the DC Comics [movies'] ass. You know? I mean all these characters that just keep coming out. And, look, they revived Batman. They're making a new Batman now. It should be great. They're making a new Superman, and they're going to do Justice League, all the characters, which I think is a cool idea. And we're going to get Wonder Woman to work." But what about that spec script, will that replace Whedon's work? "I don't think so," he said. "We didn't buy it for that. There were some good ideas in it, but it was out there, and we wanted to just kind of not have it not floating around. We wanted just to acquire it and keep it. We're just ... talking about it, and we'll get back to it soon." Way to be definitive, pal. Maybe you'll find his video interview at IESB more informative.


No more spandex for Peter Parker? Actor Tobey Maguire told the Courier-Mail that he thinks he's done web swinging. "To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up because we have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie," he said. "It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end."

Meanwhile, here at CBR we have a description of the new trailer shown at Wondercon this weekend. Not enough? Try a description of the first twenty minutes of the movie at Mania.


After a long dormant period, the other big Hasbro adaptation is showing signs of life. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura told IESB that "they will start working on GI Joe immediately after they finish working on Transformers" and that up for the role of Duke is former saggy pantsed rapper Mark Wahlberg. "You know what," Wahlberg said. "I'll do whatever Lorenzo wants me to do; it really depends on the script, obviously, but it's a cool idea. He says it's going to be kick ass, so yeah. But he's already putting that out there, so who knows. He knows how to get me to say 'yes.'"


A report at Comic.US (don't freak out, it's in Italian) notes that the script for the Brian Michael Bendis adaptation has been completed, with Charlize Theron attached to star.


Getting back into the toy biz for a moment, actor Bernie Mac told Superhero Hype a little about working on the Michael Bay-helmed action film. "I play a used car salesman, and all used car salesmen are full of sh*t -- 'scuse my French -- but they're con men," said Mac. "And they came to my set and I sold them the Transformer; I didn't know it was the Transformer, I thought it was a piece of junk. And the first thing you do as a salesman, a car salesman -- I didn't know this, I did some investigating myself -- they always sell you the 'BS' cars first. It's almost like a restaurant -- get rid of the food, rotate it. When they come, I didn't know what the car exists of, and I just threw them a line; I'm a fast talker, quick wit guy. I got a chance to have some fun and Michael [Bay] -- man, I've been fortunate, man, because every director allows Bernie Mac to do his thing. I have not been handcuffed since my career started from Ted Demme; every time a director, every time we'd do it straight, they always tell me, 'Now Bernie Mac it.' That's a luxury, you know."


Could Ol' Jade Jaws be too big for Vancouver? According to a report at The Toronto Star, Don Cott, Canadian vice-president of the American-based Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers said "there certainly wasn't studio space," in Vancouver when producers scouted locations in both British Columbia and Ontario for the upcoming Marvel/Universal movie, now locked into a Toronto shoot this summer.


In CBR's coverage of the TV Guide science fiction panel from last week's Wondercon, writer Jeph Loeb revealed when we'd get to see Mister Linderman.

We've also gotten new video previews for tonight's episode, "Parasite."

Finally, actress Ali Larter told Sci Fi Wire some of what to expect from her split personality role. One of the things that [series creator] Tim [Kring] was saying that we're kind of letting out was [that] one of the characters definitely takes control of me," Larter said from -- you guessed it -- Wondercon. "You'll see Monday. [One of them is] definitely the one that's taking control. And we're really moving into a merging of the two characters."


In further coverage from Wondercon, we have a description of footage from the direct-to-DVD feature.


Producer Joel Silver was all over Wondercon last weekend, and told IGN "The next picture we're doing is a graphic novel by Greg Rucka called 'Whiteout,'" said Silver. "It starts shooting on Monday in Manitoba with Kate Beckinsale as Carrie Stetko. And it's going to be the coldest thriller of all time. So that's the next thing we have out" from his self-established production company Dark Castle.


Actor Julian McMahon told Rotten Tomatoes "It's weird, man, because first of all, you start with Dr. Doom has been in a casket for a couple of years and wakes up a few years later," he said. "He's pretty pissed off, kind of just rips off his mask and all that kind of stuff. He gets very ugly. Then he's got his lair set up in some castle in Latveria, right? We're talking comic book stuff so you have to kind of go with all this kind of stuff. With all these monitors and stuff, I don't know where he got 'em all from but they're pretty cool. He sees this kind of entity which is the Silver Surfer. Just knowing the comic books, Dr. Doom is Dr. Doom so what does he do? He goes and he tries to destroy everybody and get everybody's powers and all that kind of stuff. That's basically what the character's about. Then Dr. Doom becomes me for a certain period of time which I think is very strange but let's not get into that. hen the final costume is this pretty amazing costume. It's a similar kind of mask. It's kind of a larger type of fit and probably a little more sturdy kind of look to it. The chest plate, it's a very heavy outfit. It weighed about 45-50 pounds whatever without the cape and stuff but its pretty extraordinary. ItÕs a darker suit than the one he had last time its kind of more Batmanesque in a way, but with the mask its obviously very Dr. Doom, and itÕs a great looking outfit. Look, I got so many outfits its ridiculous."


Actor Ron Perlman talked to the LA Daily News about going in front of the lens in May. "I'm already in the gym six days a week," he said. "The push-ups, the sit-ups, the stationary bike. Then, of course, there's the lifting of the pizza. I have a trainer, and I'm almost housebroken."


Director Jon Favreau has updated his MySpace group with an update about the project. "First off, the sets are all being built," Favreau wrote, "the locations are locked and the cast is, for the most part, set. As you all know, RDJ, Gwyneth, T Howard, and Jeff Bridges are all on board. We've had a week of rehearsals and I'm currently working with the writers to tailor the material accordingly. Mr. Bridges has a haircut that will no doubt be of interest to any of you fans of the books. Second, I am going up to visit ILM and the Ranch. I've never been and am as stoked as any of you can imagine. I love my job. Thirdly, Stan Winston Studios has been unveiling suits for us. Once again, they have exceeded our expectations. Those of you who follow my career know that I am very skeptical about the overuse of CGI. I am happy to report that the film will be a healthy mix of both computer generated and practical effects. My goal is to make the two integrate in a way that they usually do not. Lastly, this thing is huge. I've never been involved with a film this size. I've been prepping for almost a year and feel extremely confident in the enormously qualified team we've assembled. I would be lying, however, if I didn't admit that the scale of this project was daunting. I'm pretty confident that I've done and will continue to do my homework and that I'm ready, but so much is unknown. I feel like a ship's captain about to sail for the New World. Who can truly predict weather fortune or disaster awaits in the great unknown? Regardless, I thank God every day for his blessings."


Ain't It Cool News has a rumor where a scooper wrote in, "A friend of mine was at a seminar with DoP John Mathieson ('Gladiator,' 'Matchstick Men,' 'Kingdom of Heaven') where he mentioned he was approached by the Wachowski Brothers to work on their latest project ('Speed Racer?'). Mathieson declined as the project would be largely/entirely green screen, and he has reported to have said he would rather make a Kylie Minogue video than shoot something entirely green screen."

Meanwhile, Sneak Peek has some interesting casting notes, allegedly from the production.


The publicity machine for the Frank Miller adaptation may be out of control. No one's exactly sure why UFC icon Chuck Lidell was on hand for "Good Morning Texas" to help promote the show, but even more mysterious is why he fell asleep in the middle of the segment. On the air. Seriously.

Queen Gorgo herself had some things to say (mostly about her "Terminator" pilot), as IESB caught up with actress Lena Headey for a video interview. They also caught Gerard Butler as well as director Zack Snyder also in a video interview.

Finally, MTV has 300 seconds from the film.


Speaking of Butler and Snyder, Sci Fi Wire has quotes from the two talking about reteaming for the Alan Moore adaptation. I don't know yet, but he's fun, so I'm sure we can figure something out for him," Snyder said.


Comingsoon.net has four new TV spots from the film online. Director Kevin Monroe also participated in a video interview with IESB.


Kryptonsite has the official network description of the March 22nd episode, "Combat" and fresh spoilers on the season finale.

Across the aisle at Devoted to Smallville, they've posted two different trailers for the big wedding episode, "Promise."


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