Wonder Woman, Spawn, Superman: The Comic Reel Wrap for August 2nd


Joss Whedon talked to In Focus about his plans for Themiscira's Finest. " I do not believe she will be flying. I think we have a guy who flies. I don't see her flying. She might jump. There could be some hopping. And there may in fact be an invisible plane. But if there is, it will be because it came out really cool. And I have theories about how to make that work ... I'm looking for somebody statuesque, regal, beautiful, who can really act and do a lot of stunts with no elbow or knee pads. I'm asking a lot. So if I happen to find all those qualities in somebody who does not quite meet my height requirement, I will be casting some really short love interest. The height is definitely a part of the package. But the most important part? No. And the fact of the matter is, a woman stands as tall as she makes you think she is. For example, I always thought ['Buffy' writer-producer] Marti Noxon was four inches taller than she actually was. I just found that out last week."



The footage shown at Comicon has been posted on the official site. A statement there said, "We are proud to release the animation trailer that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con '05 for all to see here on spawn.com. Our update this week will give the "state of the animation report" as well as fan reaction to the animation trailer at the Con and an overview of the panel discussion TME President Terry Fitzgerald led along with IDT/Film Roman."


Comics Continuum may actually be the first to post a fairly comprehensive summary of director Bryan Singer made at San Diego. "You don't want to be playing with these colors too much, you don't want to be playing with these patterns too much," Singer said. "It would be like giving Wolverine two claws instead of three. In terms of raising the 'S' I felt that the silk-screen felt a bit dated when filmed now. There's also some factoring into how the suit is made, with Kryptonian technology, although that's not a big part of our story. It was also the suit that the fit man. First we made the suit. But after we cast Brandon, we started modifying things so it looked right. I went back and looked at the other suits. If the 'S' was too large or silk-screened, I must tell you it would have looked, at this point, like a billboard or something. It had to be just the right proportions for his head and chest and things like that."


Singer expects the film to be rated PG-13, to run slightly more than two hours, and shared information with "Smallville's" Al Millar and Miles Gough to "try not to tread over each other's territories and respect the TV show that has carried the torch of Superman."


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