10 Hidden Details About Wonder Woman's Shield

Thanks to the phenomenal action and performances in the DCEU's Wonder Woman film, the average person has gained a better understanding of Wonder Woman's character. While the finer nuances of her lore might be lost upon them, the basics are readily available. And while people are more interested in her iconic bracelets and lasso, her awesome shield should not be forgotten.

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Diana's shield is now considered a staple in the comics, and after that No Man's Land scene in the movie, fans are clamoring for more shield time on the big screen. So before armoring up for the next Wonder Woman film, let's get some more info on her shield. Read on if you want to learn some interesting tidbits about Diana's Amazon shield.

10 It Was Made In Themyscira


Along with Diana's sword, bracelets, and armor, her shield was made in Themyscira. This place, also known as Paradise Island, is influenced by the Greek pantheon. Their forging abilities and weapon-making skills are clearly a notch above what mere mortals could attempt. In the comics and in the films, the gear Diana wields is also seen being used by other Amazon warriors. In that regard, Diana is not special. Still, her shield is sometimes given to her as a gift from the gods in certain storylines, making it particularly well-suited for her travels in the world of man. If only all heroes could have a shield from Themyscira.

9 It's Not As Iconic As Her Bracelets Or Lasso

Wonder Woman feature Jenny Frison

Sadly, her shield is considered third place in terms of popularity when it comes to the gear Wonder Woman uses. Far more iconic to her character are her bracelets and her Lasso of Truth. These items have been with her character since the very beginning. The Wonder Woman film even features her bracelets in an iconic moment, when she crosses her wrists together to block projectiles.

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Her shield takes a back seat to those other things. It was years after her character's creation that a shield was added to her regularly seen gear. It makes for a great addition, clearly forming a connection to Diana's Greek heritage.

8 The Writing On The Rim Is Greek

Wonder Woman with Batman and Superman

Keen-eyed fans might have noticed that the shield Diana uses in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice bears some small inscriptions around the rim. Upon closer observation, the writing is in something close to Ancient Greek. It's small details like this that make fans appreciate the attention director Zack Snyder gave to his characters' designs. Even though Wonder Woman played a fairly small part in this film, her shield got the love and attention that it deserved. And, of course, it sent fans spiraling into web searches regarding ancient languages.

7 It Boosts Her Skills As A Melee Fighter

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There is no doubt about it. Wonder Woman is one of the fiercest fighters in the DC Universe. Even Batman has commented on how she is the most skilled fighter he knows when it comes to melee combat. Who's going to argue with that? With her shield, Diana gets an extra boost in both her attack and her defense. Obviously, the shield can be used to shield her from blows, but she can also use it to harm nearby enemies with forceful thrusts and even throws. You know Wonder Woman is a skilled fighter when someone as moody and hesitant-to-praise as Batman calls her a fantastic warrior.

6 It Occasionally Bears Her Colors

Wonder Woman's shield, like her costume, has gone through several iterations. Back when her outfit was a more showy display of reds and blues, her shield was colored to match. Even though it looked a tad unrealistic, her shield was made to carry her costume's colors of bright red and blue. Over the years, the reds and blues have been muted or taken away entirely. When going for a more realistic look, comic book artists have given her a shield that is entirely silver, golden, or bronze. No matter the color, Wonder Woman's shield has always looked cool.

5 George Perez Introduced Readers To It

George Perez's run with the character of Wonder Woman was what gave readers an introduction to her shield. It's clear that Perez wanted to draw deeper connections to Diana's past in Greek mythology. As such, her equipment and weapons became more heavily inspired by the Ancient Greeks.

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This is around when we first started to see a shield in Wonder Woman's arsenal. And, while she had used a sword before, her sword made more frequent appearances. Coincidentally, Perez is considered to be one of Wonder Woman's best artists during his time with her character.

4 She Was Trained To Use It In Combat

When Wonder Woman uses her shield, there should be no doubt that she knows how to use it to deadly effect. The Wonder Woman film showcases this perfectly. Diana was trained to use many weapons of war. The versatility with which she can use her shield is all thanks to that time practicing with it. Whether she's in close-quarters combat or on a raging battlefield, she is an expert with that shield. Her enemies should beware!

3 It Is Imbued With Magic, Like Her Bracelets

Many who watched the Wonder Woman movie were puzzled at how she could block bullets with such slim objects like her bracelets. The easy answer to that question is magic. The DC universe is filled with instances of magical occurrences. Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira is no exception, and the Amazons were the ones to make her bracelets. Her shield is similarly imbued with magic, just like her bracelets. She is able to use it to deflect things you wouldn't expect a normal metal shield to deflect.

2 It Is Practically Indestructible

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There is often a debate about which shield is stronger, Captain America's or Wonder Woman's. Both shields are incredibly durable, but let's not forget that Wonder Woman's was crafted with assistance from Greek gods. With her shield, Diana is able to withstand blasts from the creature Doomsday. Do you know how amazing that is? Doomsday is the guy who is known for killing Superman. He might have offed the Big Blue Boy Scout, but Doomsday was no match from someone like Diana.

1 The Shield In Batman V. Superman Is Different From The One In Wonder Woman


Especially ardent fans of Wonder Woman will have noticed that the shield she bears in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is different from the one she carries in Wonder Woman. This means that between both films, something happened where Diana needed to get a new shield. How this happens and where she got it from have yet to be answered. However, we can hope that our questions will be answered in the upcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984.

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