Wonder Woman Sheds New 52 Costume, Learns Secrets About Herself in "Rebirth" One-Shot

SPOILER WARNING: The following story contains major spoilers for "Wonder Woman: Rebirth," on sale now.

Truth is subjective. And in Greg Rucka, Matthew Clark and Liam Sharp's "Wonder Woman: Rebirth," Diana learns her truth is about to change once again.

The upheaval created by Darkseid's half-Amazonian daughter Grail during the just-wrapped "Darkseid War" over in "Justice League" revealed new truths to Princess Diana of Themyscira. Those truths have led DC Comics' Amazon warrior to question everything, sending her on a trip to Olympus to find out who she is once and for all.

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Rucka, the new (and returning) writer of the "Wonder Woman" relaunch, writes a reflective, internal narrative driven story that culminates in Diana using the Lasso of Truth on herself, to find that she is, once again, the victim of some nasty trickery.

This software update on the lasso goes back to "Justice League" #47, where Geoff Johns established that it was "designed to help people see themselves for who they are" rather than a weapon of interrogation, in essence making it a Lasso of Reality.

Throughout the issue, Diana finds herself having problems discerning what is her actual origin, recognizing both her New 52 and pre-Flashpoint stories, but is unable to tell which one is real.

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The moment with the lasso, and the subsequent mirror-smashing action, is the inciting incident that will kick off the hero's new series. Rucka will split the story -- odd numbered issues will follow Wonder Woman in the present as she fights to uncover the truth of who has been manipulating her. Even numbered issues will follow Diana in her formative years.

Incoming even-numbered issue artist Liam Sharp uses the moment to roll out the next redesign for Wonder Woman, one inspired heavily the "Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" uniform worn by Gal Gadot.

Diana has had the most fluid origin story of DC's Trinity of herself, Batman and Superman, but is also the character strongest enough to endure those changes.

Where will it lead next? We'll find out in two weeks when Rucka, Nicola Scott and Liam Sharp officially kick off the new direction in "Wonder Woman" #1.

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