'Wonder Woman' scribe, 'Hulk' writers, 'X2' B.O., Marvel's bottom line, 'FF' writer: Comics2Film wrap for May 6th, 2003


Comics2Film/CBR News has learned that Warner Bros. has hired another newwriter on the "Wonder Woman" feature film project. 

Sources in the know tell us that Philip Levens is now on board to write thescript for the project. Levens is best known to fans for his work on"Smallville" writing the "Tempest" finale to season one andthe "Vortex" opener for season two. Levens is bowing out of seasonthree of the show to focus on his feature work.

The new writer follows Todd Alcott ("13Ghosts"), Jon Cohen ("Minority Report") and Becky Johnston("Price of Tides") who have all taken a pass at bringing DC's classicfemale character to the big screen. Joel Silver ("The Matrix") isproducing the movie.

With the superhero movie trend continuing to thrive, no doubt Warner Bros iseager to see the most well known female hero on the big screen.



IGNFilmForce reports another round in the case of the writing credits for"The Hulk." A few weeks back Comics2Film/CBR News reported that theWriters Guild of America (WGA) had officially determined that the credits forthe movie would be "Story by James Schamus; Screenplay by John Turman,Michael France and James Schamus." 

Now, FilmForce reports that Schamus and David Hayter ("X-Men") bothfiled separate protests appealing the ruling. Unnamed sources inform the sitethat Hayter simply wanted his name included in the existing credits, whereasSchamus wanted to be named as the sole writer on the movie.

According to FilmForce's source, the WGA hear the complaints on Friday oflast week and determined them to be groundless. C2F's own sources tell us thatthe appeal process rarely yields a change in WGA decision, and can only be usedas such if it is found that the WGA did not follow it's own rules forarbitration.



The actual box office number for "X2" have come in. They're onlyslightly down from the estimates that were reported yesterday. The movie'sactual weekend gross came in $85,558,731 according to BoxOffice Mojo. All previously reported rankings and landmarks based on theestimate still stands.

In other "X2" news, Varietyreports that the mutants are not only fighting intolerance, but video piracy aswell. 20th Century Fox made special efforts to clamp down on security duringscreenings (including have press reps like C2F read and sign off on warningsbefore viewing the movie).

According to the report, the efforts paid off, slightly. While poor qualitycopies of the movie began circulating in Malaysia and Hong Kong the day afterthe theatrical release, no copies were in circulation beforehand. 



Marvel reported it's first quarter 2003 earnings today. The emergingentertainment powerhouse reports record high earnings for the first leg of theyear. This is largely due to licensed products, including a hit movie in "Daredevil."

"The strong box-office debut of the 'Daredevil' feature film in Februaryfurther evidences the broad attraction of our characters within the consumermarket both in the U.S. and abroad. We believe this film has forged a newentertainment franchise around both the Daredevil and Elektra characters, andFox is now hard at work on the first sequel film to spotlight Elektra withanother sequel spotlighting Daredevil to follow," Marvel President and CEO,Allen Lipson, said.

"Last weekend's powerful worldwide opening box office gross of $155.2million for 'X2: X-Men United' demonstrates the significant consumer demand forthis broad and multi-faceted character franchise."

Marvel published a schedule of upcoming movies for 2004. That list includedthe currently filming "Spider-Man 2" as well as "ThePunisher," which is currently in pre-production and set to lens thissummer.

Also on the list for 2004 are "Iron Fist," which now has directorStephen Carr attached, "Blade 3" and "Fantastic Four."

However, our next report makes the FF release in 2004 seem unlikely.



Jo Blo.comrecently chatted with "Fantastic Four" director Peyton Reed about thestatus of that movie. Reed told the website that the movie is currently movingslowly because they don't have a script.

"Twin Peaks" writer Mark Frost is the latest in a line ofscreenwriters to come on board the project. Reed told Jo Blo that any reportedrelease dates are "on hold" until the script is finished.

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