'Wonder Woman' Screenwriter Tackles Tom Cruise & Doug Liman's 'Luna Park'

Jason Fuchs, writer of the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film, has signed on to pen the latest draft of Doug Liman and Tom Cruise’s space-heist movie "Luna Park," according to Variety.

In September, it was first announced that Cruise would be developing the project alongside Liman with hopes of starring in the movie. Paramount and Skydance, the studios behind the film, are also hoping to make this happen by pushing it into production as soon as possible, before the next "Mission: Impossible" movie starts filming.

Cruise and Liman last worked together on 2014's "Edge of Tomorrow," and are looking to spin box office gold out of "Luna Park," which is rumored to have been stuck in development limbo for quite some time. Much like "Edge," "Luna Park" is being touted as an action-packed sci-fi movie. The film's story centers on a group of renegade employees who travel to the moon to steal an energy source.

Pulling double duty in Hollywood as a writer and actor, Fuchs will be appearing alongside Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in next year's "La La Land." Outside of his work on "Wonder Woman," Fuchs most recently wrote "Pan" for Warner Bros.

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