There Sure Are A Lot of Robot Duplicates of Wonder Woman Out There

In Drawing Crazy Patterns, I spotlight at least five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics).

Today, based on a suggestion from reader Rob H., we take a look some times that Wonder Woman has run afoul of robot duplicates of herself!

Something that becomes very clear if you read enough comic books is that the general public is always quite willing to believe the worst about any given superhero at the slightest provocation. So, therefore, in Wonder Woman #48 (by Robert Kanigher and H.G. Peter), when a new scientist villain named Elektro (he doesn't even have electricity powers like the Spider-Man villain of the same name! Lame!) creates a robot double of Wonder Woman and has her commit crimes, the public is quick to believe that it is the actual Wonder Woman. I love, though, that they are at least good enough to note out loud their mistake...

Less than forty issues later, in Wonder Woman #84 (by Kanigher and Peter), Wonder Woman is shocked to see that there is an athlete named Rona Ray that is seemingly as fit as Wonder Woman is herself! So Wonder Woman investigates a bit and runs into a duplicate of herself! She then engages her double in some rather bizarre amusement park challenges before things progress further...

The whole thing was a plot by one of the few recurring Wonder Woman villains of the era, the Angle Man. The Angle Man, of course, was named for him playing the various "angles" of a plot, which means that he was generally just a regular gangster who happened to have overly complicated plans, sometimes.

For instance, in this example, I can't for the life of me figure out exactly what his plan was. I get that he figured that the android that he built would be able to defeat Wonder Woman, but why dress her as a female athlete first? And why dress her as Wonder Woman later? His plan wasn't to try to replace Wonder Woman. It was just to take her out period. Not only that, but if his plan also involved turning off the city's power so that the gangs could attack in the dark, why would he have his robot double specifically draw Wonder Woman there? Why not have the double do the power thing separately? For a guy whose whole deal is that he knows the angles, the Angle Man's plan was really bad.

Wonder Woman #111 (by Kanigher and artists Ross Andru and Mike Esposito), the plot was a straightforward "Woman vs. Machine" deal, with Professor Menace creating a robot that he thinks could defeat Wonder Woman. Their fight takes place over almost a month, as Wonder Woman goes without sleep the entire time (since the robot doesn't need sleep)!

At one point, Wonder Woman seemingly gives up and even agrees to marry Steve Trevor because the robot has taken her place and so Wonder Woman can retire, but obviously that falls apart in the end.

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