Wonder Woman Reveals New Outer Space Armor

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me #4 by Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom Derenick and Chad Hardin, on sale now.

In recent years, Wonder Woman has been no stranger to donning new looks. In Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #4, however, her wardrobe change is a matter of survival. Facing a horde of aliens to save Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman puts on a very location-specific type of battle armor: one meant for a battle in space!

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Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #4 includes stories originally printed in the Wal-Mart exclusive Justice League and Wonder Woman Giant books. It continues the story of the previous issues, revealing that Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Cheetah and several others have been captured by the alien bounty hunters, the Ghiskarri. This is all part of an intergalactic reality TV tournament of sorts, with other characters like Aquaman and even Jonah Hex being pulled into the conflict.

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Taking control of their ship (no thanks to Cheetah killing the pilots), Wonder Woman, Cheetah and Princess Sibella search for the one thing that they know their captors would have: an armory. The randomly put together "space armor" that Wonder Woman slips into easily fits in with her normal costume, and she even gets a new sword and shield out of it. Sibella's space armor covers most of her body, while Cheetah's bare minimum helmet/breastplate and kneepads are complemented by an excessively large alien gun.

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The costume somewhat looks like an amalgam of various Wonder Woman costumes from recent years. The tiara/headgear resembles the one worn by the Wonder Woman of the Ame-Comi universe. The rest of the costume, however, is a sort of cross between both the Flashpoint Wonder Woman costume, as well as the costume designed by David Finch that Wonder Woman wore during DCYou.

Though obviously meant for a fight in an enclosed facility, something notably missing in the costume is anything resembling some sort of breathing apparatus for outer space. Wonder Woman's ability to breathe in the vacuum of space has waxed and waned throughout recent history, typically changing with the writer. Post-Crisis Wonder Woman initially had to use a spacesuit like any normal astronaut would but was later seen flying throughout space unaided alongside Superman and Martian Manhunter.

The missing apparatus here could be due to the haphazard nature of the "suit," though neither the alien Sibella or Cheetah have anything similar to that, either. But who cares about realism with battle armor fit for a space queen.

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