UPDATE: R-Rated Wonder Woman Listing was for Animated Feature

UPDATE 3/8/2017 3:30 PM ET: The FilmRatings.com listing for an R-rated "Wonder Woman" is actually for a re-release of the 2009 animated feature, a representative from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has informed CBR. A prior version of this story erroneously reported it as a home release of the upcoming "Wonder Woman" live-action feature film.

The first cut of the 2009 straight-to-home release "Wonder Woman" animated feature received an R-rating from the MPAA, according to producer Bruce Timm in interviews at the time of release. As the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment representative explained to CBR, the re-release was originally intended to restore the original footage, in hopes standards had changed and it could still receive a PG-13 -- since it again received an R, the current plans are for the new version to be of the originally released PG-13 cut, excluding the added footage.

This does not strictly preclude the possibility of an R-rated live-action "Wonder Woman" home release at some point in the future, similar to the "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition," but as of now there appears to be no plans for it.

The original version of the story, following below, has been amended to reflect the above information.

Original story: A new "director's cut" edit of Warner Bros' 2009 animated “Wonder Woman” has received an R rating, but it's not yet known if fans will see this version.

The film, directed by Lauren Montgomery and part of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment's DC Comics-based series of straight-to-home release animated features, showed up on FilmRatings.com, a ratings aggregator for the Classification and Ratings Administration, an independent division of the Motion Picture Association of America, the American trade association that administers ratings for theatrical and home release films.

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A "Wonder Woman: Director's Cut" is listed under an R-rating "for some violence." CBR has confirmed this refers to a "Wonder Woman Commemorative Edition" new release of the originally PG-13 animated feature, and not the upcoming live-action film, of which there appears to be no plans for an R-rated release. Additionally, CBR has learned that the current plan is not to release the R-rated version of the animated feature in the re-release.

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DC has some prior experience with R-ratings -- animated features "Batman: THe Killing Joke" and "Justice League Dark" both received R ratings, along with the "Ultimate Cut" home release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." The live-action "Wonder Woman," widely expected to be rated PG-13, is scheduled for release on June 2. (CBR Managing Editor Albert Ching contributed to an updated version of this story.)

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