Wonder Woman: 20 Of Her Most Impressive Powers, Ranked

Half-Amazon, half-god and all-powerful, the Amazonian Princess we call Wonder Woman is a force to be reckoned with. Since her inception, she’s been a character with many powers that comic book fans all over the world have come to love and appreciate. Of course, not all things stay the same and after over 75 years, Wonder Woman’s powers are still some of the coolest and most powerful that fans have witnessed. In fact, it was great to see some of the powers realized in live-action when the Princess of Themyscira made her big screen debut in the Patty Jenkins directed, Wonder Woman. While the movie did not showcase all of the demi-goddess’ powers, there were a fair few that we did have the pleasure of seeing, and hopefully we will see more from Diana when the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, hits theaters in 2020.

Of course, Wonder Woman has been a staple of DC for decades and there’s no question as to why -- with many powers and abilities to brag about (not that she ever would). Since her creation, Diana of Themyscira has made a name for herself as one of the most powerful superheroes in comic book existence. Of course, not all of the powers she currently wields and exhibits are part of her original power set, but there’s nothing wrong with getting a bit of an upgrade every now and again, which was ultimately why this list needed to be showcased. Check out some of Wonder Woman’s best powers ranked below.

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Although not an ability that the Amazonian demi-goddess possesses in all her renditions, it’s still a lesser-known but extremely cool power that Wonder Woman wields. When she was bestowed powers from the many Greek goddesses, Hestia (goddess of the hearth and also the gifter of the Lasso of Truth), the invulnerability to fire means that the heat from the lasso of truth does not affect her in any way.

Wonder Woman has also stood in flames created by the God of War, Ares and was completely unscathed by them. So, we have the goddesses coming in clutch and leaving Diana with powers she probably didn’t ever know she needed -- but are well worth having.


Another power that is not one that is seen as often as Wonder Woman’s other powers, is her ability to project an astral form of herself. You can count on one hand how many times Diana’s used this power and it is seems to have been erased as a part of her current powerset, but it certainly has its merits.

Having used the power in the past to speak with Steve Trevor alongside Etta Candy and another time to visit Hell in order to rescue Artemis, Diana’s astral projection is certainly a power that everyone needs to see more of.


It must be nice to have agility that is inexhaustible. Wonder Woman is very much the athlete even without her powers. With endless training in the ways of the Amazons, coupled with her abilities from being a demi-god, Diana’s agility is one of her best assets and proves to always be a pain for her foes during a fight.

Agility is one of Diana’s attributes that’s existed since the beginning and it does not seem like it will be going anywhere soon. And why should it? Wonder Woman’s agile prowess is a force to be reckoned with and puts most of her adversaries to shame.


During DC’s New 52, Diana gained the ability to have control over soldiers. This happened after she took out Ares accidentally and as such, his powers and the mantle of God of War was passed on to her. Of course, a war always has an endless need for soldiers and with that, Diana can command soldiers to do her bidding.

It’s never been Diana’s modus operandi to have dominion over anyone, so her utilization of such gifts that lead her to control many will rarely be seen in the comics, and probably never get the live-action treatment, but it’s still a cool power to have at one’s disposal.


In some of the older comics, Diana has used her ability of dimensional teleportation, which is always a great asset to have especially when you quickly need to get out of a bind. At times super speed, flight or an invisible jet can’t get you from one place to another fast enough, so teleporting would be the best option.

It’s not a power we’ve seen Diana use many times, but every time is just as cool as the first. This is another power that would be very interesting to see used in live-action, but who knows if it is something that fans will ever see on the big screen.


There are probably many times a day that a person wishes they had more energy to keep them going. Luckily for Diana, this is not something that she experiences often. With superhuman stamina, it’s rare for the Amazon to tire and when she finally does, it’s still hard to notice.

In the midst of of a fight, this is an element of Diana’s physiology that serves her wondrously. Even against the strongest of enemies, and sometimes even friends (like Superman), Diana is not quick to tire and therefore adds to why she’s one of the strongest and fiercest warriors on any battlefield.


Not only does the Princess of Themyscira have tons of energy at her disposal, but she also has enhanced durability. Whether from landed punches, kicks, being hit by debris, energy blasts, or a whole host of other offensive and defensive attacks, Wonder Woman can survive most of them.

Coupled with her other powers, her durability is a great attribute to have. However, despite this durability is only up to a certain point. She is still vulnerable to attacks from weapons with piercing properties and it’s best she stay out of the way of arrows, swords and spears for her own health and safety.


For anyone who owns pets, or simply likes animals, it’s likely that you’ve often wondered what it might be like if you could truly understand them and perhaps even know what they’re thinking. However, if you’re Wonder Woman, there is no need to wonder at all, because you have the ability to communicate with all types of animals.

A gift from goddess of the hunt, Artemis, Diana has used her ability to speak with animals to good use on a few occasions. Diana doesn’t count on animals just as allies, she is truly a friend to them and has been seen defending, caring for, and bonding with them on occasion. Let’s not forget, she does have a pet kangaroo named Jumpa.


Of course, it can be difficult to communicate with others with something like a language barrier in the way, but for Wonder Woman, that’s not a problem. Being able to speak multiple languages is certainly a gift that is always useful, and the Amazon has always put it to good use.

However, in the first issues of the Rebirth arc of Wonder Woman, the Amazon was unfamiliar with the English language, and it was something she learned over time -- much quicker than most thanks to Athena’s wisdom. Regardless, this particular skill-set was put to good use in the film in a moment of brief, but funny banter between Diana and Sameer.


Wonder Woman has the ability to convert her brain power into physical power in order to make herself even stronger because, you know, sometimes superhuman strength just isn’t enough, especially depending on just who one might be engaging in fisticuffs with. It is something that in essence might seem simple, but could also mean the world of difference for Diana in battle.

Most prominent during the Golden Age of comics and later retconned to be a facet of her ‘Herculean’ strength, this is the kind of power that would definitely serve its purpose if it were to make a comeback, and definitely something that would be interesting to see in live-action.


Being able to sense someone’s emotions is a trait many would find useful at some point or another, especially in reading those who do not readily show their emotional sides to others. This is something that Wonder Woman has in the bag. Even with the worst of villains, Diana is typically able to appeal to their innermost thoughts and feelings.

This helps Diana to fully understand not only her threats, but people in general. She shows this in Justice League in the talks she shares with Victor Stone, aka Cyborg. Diana’s compassion has been a staple of her character since the beginning and her empathic abilities, have a lot to do with that.


With many beings who have control over witchcraft and other various forms of magic, Diana’s lucky enough to be resistant to certain types of magic. Although not completely immune, it is still helpful to have some kind of resistance when dealing with the many characters within the pages of DC who can combat the Amazon with their magical prowess.

As the sorceress Circe has been a constant foe of Wonder Woman over the years, it’s great that Diana has some resistance to the magical arts, or else much like her fellow Justice League member, Superman, she’d have a hard time dealing with a foe who wields magic.


A gift from Athena, Wonder Woman possesses the knowledge of the goddess of wisdom. Being one of the the most knowledgeable beings on the planet is of course an element of one’s skill-set that transcends the typical powers like super strength, speed and agility, just to name a few. Knowledge and intellect can be used obviously in instances where strength of the mind, is needed more than the strength of one’s body.

Diana’s knowledge from Athena allows her to be a master tactician and strategize with ease. With her Amazonian battle training, skilled in both weapons and hand-to-hand combat, alongside having Athena’s wisdom, it’s no wonder that she’s so formidable on the battlefield.


Another gift from the gods, Diana is blessed with senses that are much more powerful than an average human. Things such as sight and hearing are enhanced for the Amazon; yet another reason why she’s so hard to deal with in battle. She can see and hear potential enemies coming from yards away.

Granted these skills from the goddess of the hunt, Artemis, Diana always puts them to good use taking on a vast array of enemies. This also means that Wonder Woman is a great shot, notably seen whenever she uses a bow and arrow. So, it might be in one’s best interest to avoid the Amazon when she’s using one.


In the new Justice League Dark comic book, a new skill for Wonder Woman has been awakened: the powers of magic. During an encounter with a villain by the name of Upside-Down Man, he senses Diana’s latent magical powers and unlocks them out of curiosity. Diana’s power was something that not even Zatanna had ever encountered, and is definitely a game changer for the Amazon.

As this is a new development, it’s likely that this power won’t be seen on the big screen any time soon, but just the notion of Wonder Woman being one of DC’s most powerful magical beings is awesome enough.


Wonder Woman has superhuman strength, meaning she can lift things like a tank with little to no effort at all. She’s displayed this aspect of her powers on numerous occasions and has used it against villains like Ares and Darkseid, but there is another aspect of her super strength that is sometimes forgotten. When Diana’s gauntlets are removed, her power becomes virtually limitless. However, this does come at a price.

The removal of the bullet deflecting armor, takes away all traces of Diana’s compassion as the power takes control. With the super strength, Wonder Woman’s fury is unmatched. In the film fans saw something similar, without the removal of her gauntlets after Steve Trevor’s demise, much to the delight of her half-brother, Ares.


There’s no doubt about it, Wonder Woman is fast. In the blink of an eye, she can be in one place and end up in another. A gift from Hermes, Diana may not have the same level of speed as her Justice League comrade, Flash, but she can most certainly catch her foes off-guard with how speedy she can be.

Clearly, the gods did not hold back when bestowing gifts upon the Amazonian Princess. Her super speed in addition to her other gifts, only adds to her overall prowess as a warrior and fighter for those who cannot fight for themselves.


Sometimes, navigating about through the skies in an invisible jet is not all it’s cracked up to be. Besides, who would even need one when you have the gift a flight granted to you by Hermes? Thanks to Hermes, Diana is able to fly around with the same near-light speed as the quick messenger god.

Another one of Diana’s gifts that is not always depicted (she lost the power in during the “New 52”), flight is definitely one of her best. Thankfully, it was retconned back during “Rebirth” and now Diana’s ability to fly can once again be seen back in action.


Diana’s powers of telepathy are not always on full display and when they have been, the Amazon has used it sparingly. The origin of said power have varied over the years, including being self-taught over time to be able to communicate with others through her mind, but during the New 52 era it was something that she gained from Ares after his end.

This telepathy also goes hand-in-hand with her ability to have command over soldiers. This is one of her powers that hasn’t been shown in live-action, but it would be a fun one to introduce into the Worlds of DC in future film installments.


Super healing has been one of Wonder Woman’s many strengths in the comics and in the films. After the beach battle, Diana has gash on her arm which quickly healed with no sign it had ever been there in the first place. It was one of the first things in the film’s that Diana isn’t just an Amazon like the rest of the island.

Now, who wouldn’t want to have the power of super healing? Not only is it something that’s invaluable, it’s also something that can keep the fierce warrior princess in perfect shape after the many battles she continually finds herself in. With enhanced senses, superhuman durability, agility, stamina and strength, Having a healing factor, definitely makes the demi-goddess nearly completely invulnerable.

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