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Wonder Woman, Parasyte, Conan, Hellboy 2: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 15th

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Wonder Woman, Parasyte, Conan, Hellboy 2: The Comic Reel Wrap for July 15th


According to Female First, producer Joel Silver has offered the title role in the Joss Whedon-directed DC adaptation to actress Cameron Diaz (“There’s Something About Mary,” “Charlie’s Angels”). “An approach was made to Cameron but she turned it down flat,” said an insider. “It was not a firm offer, more that the producers wanted to sound her out as a possibility.”


According to Variety (subscription required), “New Line has attached Takashi Shimizu, director of Japan’s boffo horror pic ‘Ju-On’ and its English-language remake ‘The Grudge,’ to helm ‘Parasyte.’ Shimizu will also supervise the script’s development.” Producing the pic are Don Murphy of Angyfilms and Lisa Henson and Kristine Belson of Henson Pictures, along with Japanese producer (and Shimizu partner) Taka Ichise.


Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Warners production president Jeff Robinov, who with director Chris Nolan has successfully reinvented the “Batman” franchise, says he’s hoping to do the same with the “Conan” franchise. Waiting for a “Conan” script from an unnamed action writer-director (rumored to be Robert Rodriguez), Robinov is committed to producing the film within the next year. “I love the character,” said Robinov, who is going back to two of the original stories. “It all depends on how the character is realized and the execution of the movie. You hope to satisfy the fan base and the broader audience. There has always been a fan base for the Conan character. So many years have gone by. You have to get to the core of who the Conan character was. It’s like catching mercury.” Thanks to Moviehole for the data.


Sci Fi Wire has some quotes from creator Mike Mignola, “Wherein the first film was sort of the H.P. Lovecraft kind of monsters and the Nazis and the mad-scientist stuff, this one is geared much more toward the folklore element of the ‘Hellboy’ [comics], with the kind of fairies and the Old-World stuff,” Mignola said. “That really is a big element of the ‘Hellboy’ stories, and that element was completely not in the first film. So the idea of the second film would be sort of the other half of the ‘Hellboy’ world. I don’t know that Russian [mythology will figure in] so much, but certainly that idea of these ancient creatures that have been kind of shoved out of the mainstream and are living underground [will]. It’s about that kind of stuff.”

Sadly, there will be no Roger the Homunculus. “We had tried to work it out, because Guillermo loves that character,” Mignola said. “We tried to work out a storyline about Roger, and it just didn’t work. So we opted to go the folklore route instead.”


As part of the events of Comic-Con International, director David Cronenberg, alongside screenwriter Josh Olson, spoke in very careful terms about the film. CBR had a man on the scene, who reported back on what he heard.


All of a sudden, Halle Berry is super excited to be returning to Xavier’s. X-Men Films has some quotes from her, saying, “Maybe the producers will let me use this cape that I’ve worn for two movies now, and never use. So now I’m hoping Storm is going to fly! Not the plane, I’m not talking about the plane! Fly! I’m working out with my trainer, Harley so I can get that Storm superhero body back together. There’s going to be lots of…there’s going to be some new X-Men characters from the comic book series that you haven’t seen before. And it is the end, so prepare for some big, you know … ending, if you will … to occur.”


According to, a clip of Bryan Singer on the set was shown at Comicon today, with “Clark Kent jumping high in the air and running next to a corn field. There were various other shots of Clark Kent. They also showed a helicopter being shot against a blue screen and Singer teased that they were going to show Lex Luthor on the set. The scene blipped away as a joke before we saw him. Singer spoke about the Superman character and why he was a fan.”

You can also see the nineteenth video journal from the set over at the Blue Tights Network.


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