Wonder Woman Just Got A Different, Temporary Costume

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Wonder Woman Annual #2 written by James Robinson and illustrated by Marc Laming, Frazer Irving, J. Calafiore and Stephen Segovia.

The last chapter of Wonder Woman #47, ended with Diana Prince getting pulled away from the fight against the Dark Gods on Earth by the Star Sapphires of the planet Zamaron. In Wonder Woman Annual #2, we pick up right where that issue left off, with Wonder Woman appearing on the Sapphires' home world, being asked by the decimated Violet Lanterns to help in their hopeless battle against another Dark God who attacked their planet.

The Sapphires suffered great loss, and they now find themselves leaderless. Diana Prince is their only hope and, with her heart filled with love, the Amazon Princess doesn't hesitate to answer the call. She joins the fight against this malevolent Dark God, joining ranks with the Star Sapphires. And for this battle, Wonder Woman dresses the part. With the help of the Sapphires, Diana gets a new, temporary costume, a Sapphire outfit that is classic, new and powerful.

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Diana first wore a Violet Lantern ring back in 2009's Green Lantern-centric event Blackest Night, by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. There, Diana Prince was rescued from the hold of the Black Lantern Corps by a Star Sapphire ring, and she briefly became a member of the love-powered Lanterns for the fight against Nekron and his black ring-powered zombies. With the ring in her position, Diana was transformed into a Star Sapphire, her classic Wonder Woman costume taking on the colors and signature details of the Sapphires.

Wonder Woman Star Sapphire Rebirth Annual

This time around, almost a decade later, Diana Prince once again finds herself transformed into a Star Sapphire. However, her costume is not the same as it was during the Blackest Night era. Instead, her new Violet Lantern look is heavily influenced by her current costume, appropriately enough. Diana is wearing her Rebirth-era costume, which is itself greatly inspired by the live-action version of the suit seen in the DC Extended Universe movies. With the power of the Sapphires, this Rebirth costume takes on a violet color scheme, combined with the return of the tiara from the Blackest Night event, as well as the collar that has become a signature look of the Star Sapphires.

Although this costume appears only in the Annual, it's bound to become a popular look among fans, just as the original design in Blackest Night was. With so many cosplayers bringing to life all possible costumes of Wonder Woman these days, don't be surprised to catch this Rebirth-inspired Star Sapphire Wonder Woman making the rounds on the summer's comic convention circuit.

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