Wonder Woman Movie Villain Teases Her 'Nightmare' Role

The Internet went wild earlier this summer when the first trailer for Warner Bros. and DC Films' "Wonder Woman" dropped, which finally showed audiences their first real glimpse of the standalone Amazonian princess epic. Among the flurry of awesome imagery seen was a short clip of actress Elena Anaya ("Van Helsing," "The Skin I Live In") looking particularly menacing in some sort of partial face mask, stoking fan theories about just who she might play in the movie.

In a recent interview with Spanish film website SensaCine, Anaya confirmed that, yes, she will be one of the story's baddies, although she remained tight-lipped about the details.

"Well, it was a small role in this big ensemble, but it is an important character in the story...I’m going to be…a big nightmare for the two of them," she said in a translated quote.

So who, exactly, is this mystery woman? Theories run the full gamut from Morgan Le Fey to Circe, although Moviepilot makes an pretty excellent case for Doctor Poison, a relatively obscure DC villain who would fit right in to the film's World War I period setting. Fans will just have to keep guessing until more info trickles in, or they can try waiting until "Wonder Woman," also starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and David Thewlis, hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

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