Mattel Reveals Wonder Woman Movie Toy Line

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Mattel has revealed its toy line based on Warner Bros.' upcoming "Wonder Woman" film. The new line of toys includes several of the film’s main characters, including Wonder Woman herself, fighter pilot Steve Trevor and Amazon Queen Hippolyta.

Photos of the new action figures and toys come courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, which shared nine images from the upcoming line that is set for release this spring.

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The first Wonder Woman action figure is poseable and comes with a variety of weapons, clad in her iconic red, gold and blue battle armor. The figure is compatible with Wonder Woman’s golden shield, sword and Lasso of Truth, and can be placed atop the heroine’s destrier.

Another figure, which includes Wonder Woman’s bow and arrow, shows the character in her formal Themysciran gold armor, her hair tied back.

Mattel will also release a version of Wonder Woman in a blue dress, brandishing her blade. The figure is a reference to a scene from the upcoming film in which Wonder Woman attends a civil function with her sword tucked into the back of her dress, as glimpsed in trailers.

Amazon Queen Hippolyta will also get her due with a figure clad in golden armor, paired with a snow-white war horse of her own. Hippolyta will carry her own sword and shield from atop the war horse, ready to strike down the enemies of Themyscira.

Another set of figures will pair Wonder Woman, in casual Themysciran attire, with Steve Trevor, the marooned United States fighter pilot who accidentally finds his way to the Amazon homeland. Trevor will come with his own holstered pistol, wool turtleneck and perfectly quaffed hair. Diana will again have her sword at the ready.

Mattel will also sell replicas of Wonder Woman’s weapons, as seen in trailers for the film. Both her sword and bow and arrow will be available, the latter coming with six Nerf darts.

Wonder Woman made her comic book debut in 1941 with “All Stars Comics” #8 and was created by William Moulton Marston, Harry G. Peter and Elizabeth Holloway Marston. The character made her live-action feature film debut in last year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," as played by Gal Gadot.

Debuting in theaters June 2, “Wonder Woman” is a production of DC Entertainment, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Lucy Davis and Lisa Loven Kongsli.

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