Wonder Woman: The 10 Most Powerful Villains Diana Has Ever Faced

We all know that Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic and powerful heroes in the DC Universe. Great power invites great competition, of course, and over the years the Amazonian has faced some of DC's toughest villains. While Diana has come face to face with cosmic foes and threats that are almost insurmountable, she's usually against her most grueling rogues when she's in a team.

But, when Wonder Woman is going solo she has some incredibly powerful arch enemies that have returned time and time again to knock the warrior off of her pedestal. In this list, we've got some of DC's most dangerous characters who have to use everything at their disposal to combat this heroine. We take a look at the 10 most powerful villains that Diana has ever faced one on one.

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10 Doctor Poison

We start by looking at a villain that was actually featured in the big screen debut of the character. Doctor Poison is a longtime foe of Wonder Woman with heavy links to the Nazis. There have been a couple of different versions of the character, but Doctor Maru is the prominently featured one.

She wears a costume that is bulky and concealing enough that it hides her identity as a woman, making the character very gender neutral. She is extremely intelligent and can concoct a variety of deadly poisons that can be unleashed upon her enemies. This villainous is badly scarred across her face, causing her distress and anger. Her creations have killed so many people, and each of her poisons are every bit as deadly. Her mind is her most powerful asset, and she's been a threat to Diana and the people around her numerous times.

9 Baroness Von Gunther

Baroness Von Gunther also has ties to the Nazi regime but is a far more complex character. Paula has been both a friend and foe to the Amazonian and has very similar training due to siding with Diana's people at some point. She has even lived in Themyscira for a time.

On top of her natural abilities as a warrior, she has also been possessed by a Dark Angel in the past, harnessing its almighty power to fight against Diana. Besides this, though, she has superhuman strength, agility, and a level of invulnerability. She's a worthy enemy to Prince, and is powerful enough to actually be compared to her in some ways. However, unlike these other villains, Gunther doesn't have the extra edge to put herself at an advantage when fighting Wonder Woman.

8 Maxwell Lord

Maxwell Lord has multiple levels of power and knows how to correctly harness it. He's already been featured in the CW's version of Supergirlalthough that version was vastly watered down. In both versions, he is a very capable businessman. He's intelligent and ruthless and has gained power the old fashioned way; through huge amounts of wealth.

He also possesses a number of superhuman abilities, though, mainly mind control which can make him dangerous both in and out of the boardroom. He's a master manipulator, and if all of that falls through, then he's pretty handy with his fists and a gun. His power comes in part from being underestimated, which makes him even more credible as a threat.

7 Silver Swan

This villain has a perhaps more sympathetic origin than most and maybe even somewhat relatable. The former ballerina was considered an ugly duckling and prayed to the gods that she could have some beauty. Ares answered as she is the ancestor of the Greek princess Helen and gave her what she wanted; in return, she had to face Wonder Woman in combat.

There have been two other iterations of the character but this is the most compelling. All three of these women have the power to create a sonic blast with their voice and can fly. Only the original Silver Swan has actual wings, though, with the other two using artificial means to touch the clouds. All three have a unique power as well. The first has super strength, the second has reality altering abilities, and the third can control birds. Each version is powerful and dangerous in their own way, but most of all, vengeful.

6 Angle Man

Like many characters on this list, Angle Man has also been subjected to a number of interpretations over the years. From a corrupt businessman to a criminal whose plots all involved angular schemes, though the most powerful version of this is character is the one who possesses the Angler.

The Angler is a triangular weapon which can allow Angelo Bend to control objects and locations to his will. This means he can do a variety of things including teleport himself and objects, as well as altering gravity, people's perception of an image, and actually shift space itself. It sounds complicated and the limits of it are really not known, with the powers often looking different each time. This means in some ways Angle Man is unpredictable and has a set of skills that makes him difficult to prepare for.

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5 Dr. Psycho

This villain is sadistic, vile, and misogynistic. In some ways, he is the polar opposite of everything that Diana Prince stands for. This small man is extremely intelligent and one of the more powerful opponents on this list. His childhood made sure that he had an intense hatred towards females and this is what influences his villainous schemes.

The villain is a psychologist, hypnotist, and is telepathic. These three abilities work beautifully together, each aiding the other in manipulating and bending the minds of his victims. He can distort reality to a person's perception or can actually mind control someone. Despite the depth of his power, these are sometimes ineffective against Wonder Woman herself because of the Lasso of truth.

4 Giganta

Dr. Doris Zuel has been in a number of failed experiments over her various incarnations. All of them involve a gorilla, mind swapping, and ultimately becoming Giganta. The most modern origin involves the evil Doctor entering the body of a circus strong woman with superhuman abilities.

Giganta is one of Wonder Woman's most infamous and powerful foes, having attempted to thwart the Amazonian across the history of DC comics. It's a big task for Diana to face this monster of a woman, as Giganta has the power to grow to unbelievable sizes, with the super strength and invulnerability that comes with this gift. She's always been difficult to stop just because of her sheer height and can essentially turn her body into a very lethal weapon. Of course, she doesn't only have brawn but also brains, with the Doctor being a super genius!

3 Cheetah

Cheetah may not only be the most famous of all of Wonder Woman's rogue gallery, but also the most lethal. The animistic villain is even a member of the Legion of Doom, which is a big claim to fame. Minerva suffers from a curse that must be satisfied. The former archaeologist has a hunger for humanity and has been driven to many violent murders over the years.

Because Cheetah is actually the avatar of a god, she possesses many abilities that should be reserved for a deity. The super speed of an enhanced Cheetah and claws that are both lethal and poisonous in some incarnations should be enough for this rogue. On top of this though she's super strong, has a tail that can easily strangle you, is very intelligent, has increased durability and is ultimately a real threat to many DC heroes, including Diana.

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2 Ares

The Greek god of war is obviously a very dangerous foe. The villain of the big screen adaptation of this DC tale, Ares is constantly lusting for more battle and more violence. He's almost unstoppable in his quest for war and has come face to face with Diana hundreds of times. The god is not only famously skilled combatant with lots of vicious weapons at his disposal, but he also has the abilities of a deity. This includes strength, speed, immortality and numerous other skills that would make him brutal in a fight. His mere presence can bring on a blood lust surrounding him and he is brutal in battle. There are few warriors like him and he has been known in the past to best Diana on the battlefield.

1 Circe

The immortal enchantress from Greek myth, Circe is a sorcerer of epic proportions and can beat any of DC's most powerful heroes and magic wielders. This femme fatale has a way of manipulating Earth's heroes and often delights in tormenting them and even turning them into animals.

Her powers are far beyond anyone else on this list, with a list of mystical abilities that are endless. Her magic is infinite in its power, and she can even mess with the very fabric of nature, from reality bending spells to necromancy. She cannot be trusted and really shouldn't be faced unless a hero has their own magical abilities and protection. Wonder Woman has been tricked, broken, and beaten by her numerous times, and she's a force of true evil. Her one weakness is a herb that can be used to damage her sorcery; besides this she is unstoppable.

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