Wonder Woman, Monster Action Network, Magneto: August 4th Comic Reel


Didn't get a chance to see the new trailer? Good thing it's been posted at right here on CBR.


According to Variety, Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman's high-concept comic published by PlanetLar/AIT has been optioned by Disney. Jason Netter of Kickstart Entertainment, the folks behind "Wanted" and "Painkiller Jane" is set to produce.


When will we see the mutant terrorist get his chance to shine? Writer David Goyer has some ideas in a video interview at IGN.


Speaking of IGN, they've got an early look at the poster for the new barbarian movie.


The word from Australian media sources, the beleaguered George Miller-helmed production will go before the cameras next year.


Actor Jason Statham wants to play the Man Without Fear, or so he told The Los Angeles Times. "Absolutely, just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil," Staham said. Director Frank Miller agreed while sharing a drink with Statham.


A blog has new concept art for the manga adaptation.


Busy weekend for the big movie. Musician Gerard Way was interviewed at MTV talking about covering Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" for the adaptation ...

Also, Collider has an interview with actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jackie Earle Haley.


IESB talked to actor Robert Downey, Jr. about getting all hard and shiny again. He said, "Our goals are more of the same. The idea that he said he's Iron Man in part 1 ... it's one thing to say it, and it's another thing to actually evolve to the point where you can live in a heroic fashion. You know, they say, 'The superhero movie always needs to follow ...' and I said who is that guy? Get him out of here! We want to do what worked for us last time, in a way that evolves. We're talking about a guy who is put in an extraordinary circumstance, and the people that are around him, and how that creates a sense of family, and how that disrupts whatever forces that we have to say that are working [in his life]. I like the idea of an 'Iron Man 2' that you're able to understand various points of view. You're able to touch on some subjects that are a lot more far reaching, while still grounding it in entertainment."


Ready for a spoiler? Herosite knows who actor Robert Forster will be playing in the upcoming season.


Speaking of the small screen, there's tons of news from Kansas' strangest town, including interviews with actress Allison Mack and the new villainess Tess Mercer, played by Cassidy Freeman. They also have a possibly leaked list of directors for this season on their rumors page.

Of course, CBR News has the full story from last weekend's CCI panel.


Now it's been proven -- Canada doesn't exist ... except in the future. A story at Toon Zone shows how fans north of the border can enjoy cartoons a week early. Fascinating!


Voice director Andrea Romano also got interviewed by Collider talking about giving the cowl over to Diedrich Bader. "Someone told me the other day I've done it seven times now," Romano said. "And it's hard every single time 'cause it's an awesome responsibility the first time you do it. That was a three month process finding Kevin Conroy the first time. This one was a little bit easier, again I know the character better, certainly, and they gave me a better idea up front of what they were gonna do with this and how it was gonna be more comic: a lighter twist on the Batman, which is nice because if you keep repeating yourself you don't grow as an artist or a person or whatever. So I felt like, 'Great, let's do something different.' And frankly, when they told me what it needed to be, I thought that I still needed someone with that bass in their voice. I still need someone that has got that strength to scare criminals. But, I need someone who's got those comic overtones as well. And my gut instinct was, 'Y'know, Diedrich Bader could do this. I know he can do this.' Then after going through the whole artist process that I do, everybody else decided Diedrich Bader was the right guy. So that was a good thing."

Collider also spoke to animation directors Ben Jones, Brandon Vietti, and Michael Chang about guest stars including Tomar-Re, Kilowog and Dr. Fate.


Have you seen these new photos from the film?


CBR News has panel reports on "Spaced", "Torchwood", "The Dark Castle", Universal Studios, "Terminator: Salvation", "Harold and Kumar" and "Supernatural" from our inundation of coverage.


Okay, sure, the "Mummy" sequel beat the Bat in international markets, but domestically it's still "Bruce Wayne uber alles" with an estimated $43.9 million from US theatres.


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