Wonder Woman, Krrish, Transformers, Spider-Man 3: June 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Wizard has an interesting interview where writer Brian Michael Bendis discusses a number of things with creator Joss Whedon, including Hippolyta's baby girl. "I am having enormous trouble with the ['Wonder Woman' movie] script," Whedon said. "It's going very well and I'm loving life, but because it's only at script stage and there will be no discussion of casting before, I don't really deal with that. No, it's weird, I'm in my office and it's just me ... It's kept me busy for a long time. I'm finally finishing the second draft. I'm very happy with it, but wow! Wow, this one was like pulling teeth. It's tough. I would watch 'Batman Begins' and just grumble, just b*tch and moan, because he's got everything. He's got so much of the work done for him. He's got the best rogues' gallery. He's got the best origin story. 'Wonder Woman' is a lot more to figure out. But it's coming together."


Hollywood North Report has an early look at the first masked hero created by the Bollywood movie machine. Oh, and a Dick Grayson called, complaining about people borrowing his style ...


Superhero Hype is claiming that the official website will premiere the teaser trailer on the 4th of July, then heading to theatres on July 7th attached to screenings of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest." Meanwhile, virtually every photo from the production has been collected at this message board page.


You'd like more set reports from New York? All right, but there might be spoilers within.


Writer Michael Chabon has posted some news about the project on his blog. "The fate of this project -- whether it will move at last from the nebulousness of pre-pre-production into really-truly pre-production, with a budget and cast and everything, will be decided on or around 12 July 2006," Chabon wrote. "Miss Natalie Portman is a strong likelihood for the part of Rosa; other casting is ongoing, as are work on the script (a lot of cutting) and tests conducted by a number of top-drawer animation studios (for the comic book elements). Quick answers (as of this date): Golem: yes. Antarctica: yes. Gay love story: yes. Ruins of World's Fair: no. Long Island: no. Orson Welles: no. Salvador Dali: yes. Loving reference to Betty and Veronica: no. Stan Lee: no."


We got an email from Steve at the Superman Homepage to point out the new newspaper ad that will be popping up in publications around the country. You can also head over to Superhero Hype and download the entire score for the film in WIndows Media or Real formats.


Lionsgate has launched the official website for the sequel to the hit direct-to-DVD feature.


Kryptonsite believes that the season premiere for the flagship CW series will take place on September 21st.


If you scroll down over at BlackFilm you can find some new photos from the Spike TV series.


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