Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Transformers, X-Men 3: May 3rd Comic Reel Wrap


A brief feature at Sci Fi Wire has quotes from creator Joss Whedon, whose just gotten back his first draft of the script. "I did [turn it in] to the producers, not to the studio yet," Whedon said. "I'm working on revisions now. ... It's business as usual. I'm writing and that's all." There's no planned release date yet. "This is taking longer to write than things usually do," whedon said, "and there's some reasons for that. Not all of them are my incredible incompetence. But some of them are. But the script is coming together in a way that's actually even surprising me, so I'm pretty excited. So we'll just have to wait."

Whedon was a bit more forthcoming with If Magazine, squashing hopes of seeing Cheetah or Silver Swan. "It's sort of shifting under me," said Whedon. "I'm doing more rewriting on this than I am used to. Finding her was fun, and finding the structure of the film was incredibly difficult and fun. I am not bringing in any villains that anyone knows. I will not be bringing in any of the rogues gallery from the comic book. The villain is original to the film."


If Magazine also caught director Jon Favreau, who had more to say about his plans for the big screen adaptation. "The fun part is you get to do the origin story," he said. "The origin was conceived in the early 60s, and there wasn't the same sort of attention to detail as there is now. It's a Vietnam Era superhero, and it was complicated times then politically. We find ourselves in difficult times again, so you update it and set it in present day. A fun part of it is that you get to have different incarnations of the suit. In the origin you have the suit he makes in captivity, and then you get to refine it not just in this film, but in future films the possibilities are endless ... I think the technology-based villains lend themselves better to the universe that we're dealing with. Not necessarily the types that are magical or imbued with God-given abilities and mutations. I'd rather go with people grounded in reality and see how far you can push that with out losing the realism that this franchise offers."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, actress Megan Fox has signed on as the female lead in the Dreamworks film. Fox will play Mikaela, the love interest of Shia LaBeouf's character.


There's a bunch of new TV spots floating around, and of course they're all viewable on everybody's favorite new site, YouTube. Meanwhile, there's high resolution looks of new banner posters available at director Brett Ratner's site. In other news, The XVerse has a new production still from the movie, showing Iceman and Kitty Pryde.

FInally, actor Sir Ian McKellen talked to Superhero Hype about the sequel and the proposed "Magneto" spinoff prequel. "I don't know if it's in the press notes, but the first time that Patrick Stewart and I appear in [X-Men: The Last Stand], we appear to be 25 years younger than we are," McKellen said. "That's been done by a technology never used in film before, which involves no makeup, no special effects whatsoever. We just go into the studio and do the scene as is, and then they morph our faces on to photographs of ourselves 25 years ago. Lo and behold, there we are. They can take any shaped person and they can slim you down, they can build you up, they can bring out your shoulders, change the style and color of your hair. Remove every wrinkle. They removed so many wrinkles from my face, I looked so young that [X-Men director] Brett Ratner said, "You've got to put a few wrinkles back. It's looking ridiculous." It would mean that I could play myself at 25, feasibly, as long as I can keep myself lithe and sounding young. I mean, that's the big story of this movie is once the stars realize that they don't have to have facelifts anymore, at least as far as their work is concerned, Meryl [Streep] and I can go on playing Romeo and Juliet for the next 20 or 30 years. It's astonishing. It's like airbrushing, but for the moving picture."


Warner Brothers has posted the new trailer in glorious QuickTime. You can also check the first of a five-part special analysis of the character to lead up to the film over at MTV. Finally, according to an interview at the Northwest Herald, basketball player Shaquille O'Neal was in talks to appear in the movie. "They told me they were gonna get me a part," the Heat center said, "and I didn't even know they [already] shot the mo[vie]. They could have given me a little [bleeping] villain part, or something."


Keeping it Kryptonian for a moment, Devoted to Smallville has more scans from TV Guide (registration required) showing some slight spoilers for the season finale.


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