Wonder Woman's Most Powerful Weapon Returns More EXTRA Than Ever

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WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Wonder Woman #82 by Steve Orlando, Kieran McKeown, Scott Hanna, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Pat Brosseau, Rafael Albuquerque and Dave Stewart, on sale now.

Driving in style is important for most superheroes. A few superhero vehicles are almost as iconic as the character themselves. Batman has the Batmobile, Ghost Rider has his Hell-charged motorcycle and the X-Men have their Blackbird. And of course, Wonder Woman has her Invisible Jet.

For a character who frequently has the ability to fly, the Invisible Jet might seem like a silly relic from a bygone era. However, it's remained a consistent part of the Amazon's world since it debuted in 1942's Sensation Comics #1, by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter. Even though she recently lost the iconic vehicle, Diana's famous plane returned with some major upgrades in Wonder Woman #82.

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Wonder Woman Invisible Jet

With the Cheetah ripping through Themyscira, destroying the forests and hunting down Amazonians to exact revenge on Wonder Woman, Prince decides she needs to return to her homeland to find a new way of taking down her enemy. She travels to Metropolis to visit Natasha Irons and hands her a piece of her last Invisible Jet destroyed when the Leviathan organization attacked A.R.G.U.S. in Event Leviathan.

Knowing Cheetah has the Lasso of Truth and the God Killer sword, Wonder Woman tells Irons that she wants to catch Cheetah off-guard and would like a new, modernized jet, and  Steel tells her that she can improve the design and fabricate it quickly.

As Cheetah picks off Amazonians with the God Killer and starts a sword fight with Maggie, Wonder Woman and her new-and-improved Invisible Jet comes flying through. The last model of the jet was designed to look more like an actual commercial plane, but this new one is more militaristic. It's not just a way to stealthily traverse the skies, but it looks like legitimate fighter aircraft. The jet appears to have some significant upgrades on previous models. In addition to its giant engines and outher technological upgrades, it doesn't look silly. It's hard to make the Invisible Jet look menacing or threatening to bad guys, but the new version ditches the previous campy look for a more realistic approach.

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Steel delivered Wonder Woman an aircraft that could catch Cheetah off guard on Themyscira. She gets to her secret homeland in a hurry, and almost as instant as she arrives, Wonder Woman is dropped out of the plane and into battle. With a spear, shield Peng Deilan's lasso in hand, Diana is ready to face off against Cheetah and put an end to the violence.

It remains to be seen what further upgrades the Invisible Jet has been given. The new version of the ship seems like it's much more high-tech and battle-ready than previous iterations. While it's still not clear how much firepower it packs or how much damage it can do in battle,Wonder Woman's new Invisible Jet is going to let her fight evil in style, or at least it will when people can see it.

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