Wonder Woman, Hulk, Catwoman, Constantine, Platinum Studios: C2F wrap for June 24, 2003


In early May, Comics2Film/CBR News was broke the first solidnews in over a year about the planned "Wonder Woman" movie when weexclusively reported that "Smallville" scribe Philip Levens had comeon board to write a new script for the project. In the wake of that the rumormill has started buzzing again with sound bytes and speculation about the shapeof this long-suffering movie project.

Entertainment Weekly managedto extract a few comments from producer Leonard Goldberg about the project.Goldberg is currently doing press for this weekend's "Charlie's Angels:Full Throttle."

The producer told EW that there should be a director on board in the nextthree months. As far as casting goes, Goldberg said the perfect leading ladywould be, "in her early to mid-20."

EW also speculates that "Buffy" star SarahMichelle Gellar is eager to don the star tiara, but she's not the only one.

According to Australia's Woman's Day magazine, Jennifer Lopez would also loveto get the part. "I'd love to play Wonder Woman. I loved her when I wasgrowing up -- she's hot," J. Lo is quoted as saying.

In the article Lopez points to the "crazy" wardrobe and invisiblejet as attractions for her.

Fans are reminded that actresses from Jennifer Aniston to Chyna havespeculated that they wished for the part for years, each time sparking a roundof rumors that they are actually attached. In almost all cases, none of themactually were. So, while Gellar and Lopez may adore "Wonder Woman,"there are still no actual casting attachments for this film.

Thanks to Lauren and Renny for the scoops!


While the big box office of the "The Hulk" was widely trumpetedyesterday, today's Varietycontains an interesting analysis of the dark cloud that silver lining may beattached to.

In the wake of what looked like positive news on Monday, investors begin todump Marvel stock, driving it down 11% to a closing price of $18.75. Speculationis that this is in anticipation of a steep drop-off at theaters for the greengiant.

Skeptics point to the trend already starting over the weekend, where receiptson the usually brisk Saturday showing were actually down from the Friday take.

One unnamed source, who is simply identified as a veteran studio productionexec told Variety, "It could be a franchise-killer, and that's what hurts.It might end up making money way down the line, but it's basically a push. Thegoal was to kick off a franchise."

A record number of licensing deals were signed around "The Hulk."These are critical to Marvel's bottom line, with their participation in themovie's profits capped. Ancillary products could go bust if the movie doesn'tperform over the next few weeks (although C2F personally feels there will alwaysbe a market for Hulk Hands).


Stax over at IGN FilmForce has beenbusy rummaging around the Internet looking for comic-to-film news. He dug up apair of script fragments of interest to readers here.

The Showfax website, a actors' resource posting casting information forupcoming movies, recently posted script pages for the comic-based Warner pics"Constantine"and "Catwoman."The pages went up last week and are intended for use by actors who may beseeking parts in the production. They may give insights into the direction ofboth movies. However, there's no telling how fresh the pages actually are and ifthey reflect the current scripts.

Both movies have already cast the leads with Keanu Reeves ("TheMatrix") playing DC/Vertigo's Hellblazer (who is reportedly written as anAmerican in the film) and Halle Berry ("X2") playing Catwoman (who isnot Selena Kyle in the film).

The pages do contain spoilers, so click the above links at your own risk.


From a press release:

Platinum Studios, the premier company for comic book to film adaptation,announced yesterday an exclusive four-year development deal with Colonel John B.Alexander, U.S Army (Ret.), noted government advisor and one of the world'sforemost experts on advanced weaponry and technological threats. Thispartnership will allow Platinum to produce a series of original comic books andgraphic novels incorporating Col. Alexander's concepts and scenarios, which willbe developed for all media, including film, television, and interactive gaming.Because Col. Alexander's knowledge of advanced weapons and future warfare is sosophisticated, and the threats so genuine, these works will more than blur theline between science fiction and reality.

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios, will produce for filmand TV. The deal will also allow Platinum to take advantage of the $10 billiongaming industry, where licensed projects make up more than a majority of the topreleases. Platinum also announced today extensive deals with one of the nation'sleading independent game developers, Blue shift, Inc. and leaders innext-generation handheld development, Handheld Games, to create interactiveproperties based on Col. Alexander's expertise and his futuristic vision ofmilitary combat.

Platinum recently saw great success with its comic-based TV series"Jeremiah." The show returns to Showtime for its second season inAugust.

"This stuff is real - the genetic and biological capabilities that existright now, the cutting-edge weapons, technologies and threats - these are realscenarios that we could literally face today and it's mind-blowing," saidCol. John Alexander. "I'll be able to offer Platinum, Blue Shift andHandheld the inside scoop in order to create exciting, innovative fictionalstories for new audiences across the board."

"We're talking about everything from electromagnetic pulse weapons thatcould cripple a country by wiping out all its electronics, to controllinginsects with pheromones to make whole cities uninhabitable, just to name acouple of examples," said Platinum Studios Chairman Scott MitchellRosenberg. "It sounds like science fiction, but these are bona fide mattersthe military is concerned about as the future of warfare-and possible futureterrorist threats. And Col. Alexander is THE expert on all of it."

Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton have publicly praised Col. John Alexander forhelp on their books, as he is the utmost authority on advanced weaponstechnology and future warfare scenarios - the what ifs of high-tech militaryplanning and threats. John Alexander's advising includes the NationalIntelligence Council, to which the directors of all 12 members of the USintelligence community (including the CIA and NSA) report, to the U.S. SpecialOperations Command, which oversees all U.S. special operations and has also runmajor advanced weaponry programs for Los Alamos National. His real-life andcurrent experiences and knowledge will allow Platinum Studios to createentertainment that will make audiences and gamers question what they think theyknow about today and fear what could happen tomorrow.

"At the same time Platinum's creative staff and writers are workingclosely with Col. Alexander to devise original storylines and characters for thecomic book line, and future feature film and television adaptations, we'll bedoing the same for the interactive gaming market, heading up story developmentand designing and programming the game engine and technology that will beprovided to third-party software publishers," said President of Blue ShiftJohn Brooks.

Additionally, the team at Handheld will work with Col. Alexander to creategames for systems ranging from the popular Nintendo GameBoy Advance to PDAs andcell phones.

The deal was crafted by Barry Friedman, CEO of Fog Studios, which exclusivelyrepresents all parties. Fog, formerly ICG, is America's largest interactivemanagement company. "Col. Alexander knows how tomorrow's wars will befought because he has advised just about every area of the military in thisregard, including the Pentagon, CIA, Los Alamos, NATO, and the National ResearchCouncil, which is about as high-level as you get in the U.S. for research,"said Friedman. "We are talking about the coolest of the cool militarytechnologies--and the scariest new threats." Friedman went on to say,"This is a unique co-development process. With most entertainmentfranchises, the multimedia and game development are an afterthought. Bydesigning both sides simultaneously, it gives us much more flexibility inmarketing, and it allows a rich exchange of ideas back and forth. So it benefitsthe creative process and the business side."

Platinum will control all media and ancillary rights for the projects createdunder the deal, with Alexander, Blue Shift and Handheld, Inc. having equitystakes.


From a press release:

For decades, comic books have been a hobby and a fascination for many people,and the adaptation of several into cartoons has immortalized childhood memories.Over 25 years ago, Hollywood joined the band-wagon of comic book adaptation withthe release of the cult classic Superman: The Movie. Since then, there have beenboth major box-office hits such as the Academy Award nominated Spiderman, thehigh-profile X-Men and X-Men 2, and more independent off-beat films such asAkira in 1988. Virgin Film: Comic Book Movies is the first guide of its kind tocover this movie phenomenon with everything you want to know about twenty of themost essential comic movies to date, including the still unreleased and eagerlyawaited Hulk.

The comic book obsession is not just amongst children, it is a craze thatlasts a life- time. Their wide assortment of characters; heroes, villains,side-kicks and damsels, and the ever intriguing inter-connecting story lineskeep readers' imaginations constantly running wild. Now with increasinglybrilliant graphics and revolutionary developments in movie technology, thesecharacters have been brought to life for their fans. But where did thesecharacters come from? How are the films made? How did Bruce Wayne become Batman,and how did Michael Keaton become Bruce Wayne? This guide covers an amazingamount of detail from the birth of the comic, to the costume fittings in themovies, and even including unaccredited cast. Included are interviews with keycomic and film creators and full analysis of previous films, TV Shows, andsequels.

Virgin Film: Comic Book Movies is published to coincide with the release ofthe latest film from the Marvel comics empire; The Hulk and provides anenjoyable and informative critique of a diverse range of comic book movies. Thisbook is perfect for both comic and movie buffs and casual fans alike.


Wolverine is the best he is at what he does, and what he does is rockin' themic, yo. At least that's the scoop according to today's HollywoodReporter. Wolverine and the X-Men will be among the characters showing up onthe new, online radio station Radio Kids' WB. This is part of the AOL Radio@Network providing audio content for broadband users.

Programming for Radio Kids' WB will be based on The WB TV network'ssuccessful animated programming, including shows like "X-Men:Evolution" and "Static Shock!"

Programming will include music familiar to viewers of Kids' WB! televisionprograms like the "Static Shock" theme song, which is sung by Lil'Romeo and written by his father, Master P.


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