Wonder Woman: 5 Heroes Who Can’t Stand Her (& 5 Who She Can Always Count On)

Even though characters might be part of the same team, it doesn’t mean they necessarily have a great relationship. Since the Justice League is such a huge faction, there’s bound to be enough separation that a best friend type relationship isn’t possible.

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Wonder Woman is generally one of the more pleasant DC superheroes. While she is a fierce warrior, she’s also very friendly. Those characters who understand her well have a firm loyalty to her which is enough for them to lay their lives down for her, but Wonder Woman has also rubbed some other heroes the wrong way.

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10 Can Rely On: Superman

These two are actually considered as each other’s counterparts, as they share that “boy scout” mentality that makes them the perfect poster figure for a superhero. In some versions of the DC Universe, Superman and Wonder Woman are even a couple.

Their romantic angles are based around how they’re both superpowered to the point that no one understands how they feel out of place with the world other than each other. In the universes where they’re not together, they remain loyal friends who are never at odds.

9 Can't Stand Her: Aquaman (DCAU)

The DC Extended Universe version of Aquaman is heavily based around the DC Animated Universe version, who was a man with a heavy ego and looked down upon people. His ego took a big hit when he had to go one-on-one with Wonder Woman; in a fight where he lost on ground.

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Aquaman would then force Wonder Woman underwater to gain the advantage and the win, but he would keep having little respect for Wonder Woman, or even women in general. Aquaman was antagonistic toward everyone, so this match-up against Wonder Woman only furthered his annoyance with her.

8 Can Rely On: The Flash

Since the Flash is shown as a younger brother figure to the Justice League members, Wonder Woman is very taken to him in a sisterly way. Whether it is Wally West under the cowl or Barry Allen, Wonder Woman’s relationship with the Flash is always a nice one.

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She tends to baby him around more than the other members of the Justice League, which makes sense considering she’s thousands of years older than him. When push comes to shove, the Flash heads over to protect Wonder Woman before most of his other allies.

7 Can't Stand Her: Mera (Alternate Reality)

In the Flashpoint alternate reality, Wonder Woman went over to the evil side and proceeded to have an affair with Aquaman. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Mera, being Aquaman’s wife, who then encountered Wonder Woman in a fight to the death.

As Wonder Woman here was one who had no morals, she came about with the win - and with Mera’s head. Considering this version of Mera lost her husband and her life to Wonder Woman, it’s pretty clear she wasn’t so crazy about Diana.

6 Can Rely On: Martian Manhunter

Out of all the people who got the Martian Manhunter to evoke emotion out of his voice in the DCAU, it was Wonder Woman. J’onn had a great relationship with every member of the league, although Wonder Woman was one of those he was closest to.

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We saw them have each other’s backs numerous times, and the most prominent example of them being such close friends was when J’onn specifically chose to reveal his secret identity as a human in front of Wonder Woman, for which he was swiftly greeted with a warm hug.

5 Can't Stand Her: Huntress


Although these two haven’t had that many interactions with each other, the few times they did have anything to do with one another weren’t something that we would call fond memories. In the prequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, Wonder Woman was the one who killed Huntress.

In the DCAU, Huntress had a short fuse as far as her personality was concerned, and she was ousted from the Justice League for wanting to kill. There was no love lost for her and any member of the core Justice League, and Huntress condemned them (including Wonder Woman) since then.

4 Can Rely On: Cyborg (DCEU)

Cyborg was relatively out of place in the Justice League film, as he didn’t have that many buddy moments with the group other than with Flash and Wonder Woman. The latter in particular had a kind of understanding relationship with Cyborg, being the only one who actually cared about how Cyborg was emotionally hurting.

When the time came to resurrect Superman, Aquaman was awful to Cyborg and would belittle him - it was Wonder Woman who lent a helping hand to Cyborg and words of comfort that pushed him into completing the task.

3 Can't Stand Her: Justice Lords Wonder Woman

Even though she was presented as an antagonist, technically the Justice Lords version of Wonder Woman was a good guy. After all, she and the other Justice League members had prevented crime on a universal scale, and it was only their over-the-top totalitarian methods that made them the bad guys in the eyes of the public.

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In any case, the main universe’s Wonder Woman didn’t take too kindly to her counterpart’s methods (especially being locked up in a cell by her) and the two had a highly hostile relationship where they were only ever seen fighting.

2 Can Rely On: Batman

These two have an oddly satisfying dynamic in that even if they are supposed to be just teammates, they have incredible chemistry. In recent times, however, Batman and Wonder Woman have been presented as love interests.

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Even in the DCEU, where they weren’t explicitly said to be interested in one another, there were definite signs of attraction in both Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Within the DCAU, Wonder Woman was the only character Batman openly claimed to have special feelings for and would do anything to keep her safe.

1 Can't Stand Her: Shayera Hol

When the Justice League animated series began, these two were the only female members and had a good relationship with one another due to their fierce personalities. However, once Hawkgirl’s true motive was revealed (which was to lead the Thanagarians to lead an invasion of Earth), they became hostile to one another.

Even after Hawkgirl turned on her own kind for the Justice League, it took years before Wonder Woman was willing to even be in the same room with her. After their hostility was simmered down, they still never mended their former friendship like before.

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