Wonder Woman, Hellboy, Superman, Batman: February 9th Comic Reel Wrap


Sky News reports that Former "Buffy" star Sarah Michelle Gellar is the lead contender for the role of Princess Diana. Their report comments on former co-star Charisma Carpenter's desire to play Themyscria's Finest. "Charisma is a strong contender and she's equally as sexy," their insider said.


Countingdown.com checked out a special "Hellboy" presentation at a comics convention in Pasadena, California and caught up some new tidbits about the new film. A new sixty second trailer was shown, concentrating more intensely on Hellboy's origins and beating "the bejeezus out of Sammael throughout the spot." A special DVD is expected at Best Buy in three weeks, which also includes a ten minute featurette with footage, behind-the-scenes production info, and is called a "sort of like a bulked up version of the sizzle reel from last year's San Diego Comicon" by the site in question. The Drew Struzan poster was unveiled as well (100 signed copies will be available on Hellsite.com, unsigned ones available at comics retailers), and a gallery of photos from the con was posted. In other "Hellboy" news, About.com interviewed Ron Perlman, who hypes the new film. "Everything is about execution. First you have to have a decent script. The more dimensional the script is, the more dynamic it has, the better chance you have of making a great film. And then you have a filmmaker like Guillermo del Toro who is, I truly believe, in a class by himself. The deck is stacked in our favor, I believe." Finally, CHUD has a look at the Struzan poster.


Regular scooper Ricardo D. Martins wrote in to say "Gralha is a comicbook character that first appeared in 1997 on the 'Metal Pesado' magazine, the Brazilian 'Heavy Metal.' The 20-minute long award-winning short movie 'O Ovo ou a Galinha' ('The Egg or the Chicken') based on the character is available on VCD format at http://www.ogralha.com.br/O%20GRALHA%20a%20venda2.htm. It also includes the soundtrack with 12 songs."


Extra spoke to singer Beyonce Knowles, who was asked about being considered for the role of Lois Lane. "I hope so. Everyone pray that happens for me," she said. Harry Knowles of Ain't It Cool News alleges that proposed director McG wants Beyonce for the role.


Dark Horizons notes that "Michael Clarke Duncan is rumoured to have had a meeting about playing Ben Grimm."


Variety (subscription required) has an article on Christopher Nolan's new Bat-flick. The article goes in depth on the film, with highlights including, "This time around, it's about the genesis of Batman: How billionaire Bruce Wayne makes a series of decisions that turn him into the Caped Crusader. Batman will be more realistic and less cartoonish. There are no campy villains. Wayne -- younger, more vulnerable, more human -- will be getting as much attention as his masked alter-ego. 'felt like doing the origins story of the character, which is a story that's never been told before,' says Chris Nolan ("Insomnia," "Memento"), who takes the reins of "Batman" from Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher ... 'The world of Batman is that of grounded reality,' e says. Burton's and Schumacher's visions were idiosyncratic and unreal. Nolan says, 'Ours will be a recognizable, contemporary reality against which an extraordinary heroic figure arises.' Nolan, a self-confessed James Bond fan as a child, is keen on reinventing Wayne as more of a modern-day Bond than hapless playboy -- an action-adventure hero who has mythic qualities and battles the odds to save the world ... 'If we're successful, the thing that will be talked about a lot and on what we worked on the hardest is that the audience will really care about Bruce Wayne and not just Batman,' [scripter David] Goyer says. 'It doesn't matter how much you spend on special effects -- if it feels hollow, no one gives a damn.'" The film is budgeted at about $150 million.


Comics Continuum notes that the cancelled cartoon series will have four episodes from season two, and features screen shots of the DVD menus. Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige said, "The Evolution series was originally created to adapt our X-Men characters for a younger demographic, but due to the great storylines and engaging characters that appear in each episode, we have found a much wider fan base. These X-Men tales are sure to please even the most ardent X-Men fans."


Toon Zone has more info on the new animated series from the WB. "According to the deal, Kids' WB! will air the half-hour show on Saturday mornings next fall, with Cartoon Network starting its run some six months later. The Batman looks at the hero in his mid-twenties, when he lives in a bachelor pad surrounded by hyper-modern Bat-gadgets and drives a souped-up Batmobile. During the series, he'll meet each of the story's famed villains--Penguin, Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and Mr. Freeze -- for the first time. U2's The Edge performs the show's theme song."


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