Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash: October 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Producer Joel Silver is quoted at Sci Fi Wire as saying that any cinematic experience for the Amazon princess is not gonna happen soon. "They're going to make the Justice League movie, and we're kind of pausing on Wonder Woman now," Silver said. "And if that comes together, Wonder Woman will be a part of that story. And then we'll see where we go from there. But we struggled with it for a while. I hope that we can solve it and make it one day."

Speaking of the team up film, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead talked to MTV about the experience auditioning for the role. "I was so excited [to audition]. It would be the biggest honor in the world to play an icon like that," she said. "We'll see. I keep thinking about all of the physical training I could do, bulking up and getting some muscles. IÕve never seen myself like that before! ItÕs funny because I didnÕt really see anybody else [auditioning] when I went in, so I was learning along with everyone else all the different names. It was fun to go on the message boards and see what people were saying, speculating on the rumors. I know theyÕll make the right choice, and whoever it is will be great, IÕm sure."

Australian outlet The Daily Telegraph claims that model slash actress Megan Gale is actually the favorite for the role. "Certainly Gale has been spotted paying visits to Fox Studios in recent weeks, which is where the George Miller-directed film will be shot."


Sticking in the DC realm, Variety is reporting that television writer Greg Berlanti will be directing a live action take on the verdant superhero. Berlanti will write the script with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green. Donald De Line will produce; Andrew Haas is exec producer. Hal Jordan is expected to be the titular hero.


In other DC news, director David Dobkin told MTV that he's going to be directing a film based on the fastest man alive, as a spin-off of the "Justice League" movie with Wally West as the titular hero.


It's not all about DC today -- director Matthew Vaughan told Metro France about his challenges bringing the Thunder God to your local movie theatre. "I've done the script and weÕre talking about it. But itÕs a huge logistical and financial burden for anyone. So the budget is like 300 million at the moment, so weÕre trying to reshape it and get it down. So yes, IÕm committed to it," Vaughn said.


Let's keep trying and balance things -- Brazilian site Omelette talks about ol' Jade Jaws heading to South America. Scenes will be shot in the slums of Tavares Basto in the Catete district of central Rio de Janeiro. The filming of Incredible Hulk in the River will start in the first week of November and involve exterior and interior scenes in the slums of a shed. Edward Norton, Bruce Banner/Hulk, will be present at both locations. The scenes integrate the first part of the film, but the description can contain light spoilers, so if you do not want to know anything do not continue reading ... but if you don't speak Portuguese, you'll be okay.


CBR News has early screen shots from the Sega video game, showing what might be coming for the movie.


The promotional site Why So Serious has its jack-o-lantern down to one rotting side ... what could that remind you of?

Meanwhile, composer Mel Wesson has posted what could be a teaser poster from the Bat-sequel.

Cinesite is apparently working on "all VFX Scanning & Recording" for the Christopher Nolan-helmed sequel (noted under their "Current Projects" area).


MTV also talked to actor Emile Hirsch about going ... really ... fast! "We were on a green screen for 60 days using prototype cameras where there are only four of them in the whole world and we were using all of them," Hirsch said "We were doing things that I didn't even think you could do. It's very stylized. It's comic-booky." But what about his simian co-star? "Oh yeah, Chim-Chim. Well, his name is Kenzie and there was another one named Willy. They were a lot of fun. I mean, it was crazy. It was like you were sitting around and there's a chimpanzee sitting at the table in suspenders rocking back and forth going [he makes loud chimpanzee noise]."


Sci Fi Wire has an article about some scenes in the sequel filmed recently. Superhero Hype also has information about a set visit also discussing some scenes that will be seen.


According to IGN, casting began in Los Angeles last week for the proposed trilogy with Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg steering the ship.


The Francophone site Allocine notes that Mathilde Seigner will play the role of Calamity Jane alongside her 'Mariages!' costar Jean Dujardin in the new 'Lucky Luke' movie to be directed next year by James Huth.


The fansite Watchmen Comic Movie has details on filming. "Filming will take place at three locations in the British Columbia city of New Westminster, just east of the production's Burnaby offices. The Watchmen crew will begin setting up lights and sets on October 30th through November 1st to prepare for a November 2nd shoot at an 'old auto repair shop.'"


Bloody Disgusting notes that 29-year-old Oscar nominated Irish director Ruairi Robinson will helm the manga adaptation. Stephen Norrington was previously attached to direct.


Comics2Film reports that The Flash is headed to Gotham City in next weekend's episode, "A Mirror Darkly." The Flash is voiced by Charlie Schlatter.


Fresh spoilers are available over at Herosite.


There's new images from the latest episode at Comics2Film.


Kryptonsite has screen captures from the promo for the next episode, "Lara," the official network description for the November 15th episode "Blue," and fresh spoilers for a pair of 2008 episodes.


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