50 Greatest Wonder Woman Stories: #25-21

We continue the countdown of YOUR picks for the greatest Wonder Woman stories ever told! We continue with stories #25-21!

25. Who Is Wonder Woman? (Wonder Woman Vol.3 #1-4, Wonder Woman Annual #1)

After Infinite Crisis threw Wonder Woman for a loop (as the whole world considered her a murderer), new writer Allan Heinberg (who you might recognize as the dude who only, you know, wrote the current blockbuster Wonder Woman movie!) came on board to relaunch and redefine Wonder Woman. First off, he had Donna Troy fill in as Wonder Woman for Diana. Then Diana decided to become an agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs (in Heinberg's attempt to work in the Mike Sekowsky era into the series) and became partners with Nemesis (Tom Tresser). Ultimately, Circe and a collection of Wonder Woman supervillains drew Diana back into being Wonder Woman. Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson drew the hell out of this series...


One of the weird things about this arc was that the story actually finished in the Annual after the comic book had continued with other writers in the main series.

24. Return to Paradise Island (Wonder Woman Vol.1 #183-184)

Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano brought the now human Wonder Woman back to Paradise Island in this epic two-parter where Ares launches all-out war on Paradise Island to get their secret of inter-dimensional travel. Hippolyta is knocked out of commission, so the Amazons bring Diana back to lead them into battle and boy, for a late 1970s superhero comic, these are some incredibly well-depicted war sequences...


Wonder Woman ultimately has to turn to other legendary fighters to help win the day, like the Valkyries and King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

23. Iron (Wonder Woman Vol.4 #0, 13-18)

Wonder Woman was reeling from the truth of her parentage when she continued to look for the kidnapped child of Zeus, while having to fend off attacks from other children of Zeus while dealing with the aid of OTHER children of Zeus (all while the villainous First Born was introduced). The highlight of this arc was the classic #0 issue by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang done in an H.G. Peter esque style that shows the first encounter that young Diana had with Ares...


Tony Akins drew half of this arc, which also brought Orion of the New Gods into the fray.

22. Who Killed Myndi Mynor? (Wonder Woman Vol.2 #20)

George Perez' Wonder Woman was a bit of a fish out of water, and that angle was highlighted in this powerful one-off issue where Wonder Woman's publicist, Myndi Maynor, shows up murdered. So the book abruptly becomes a crime story told through the perspective of the cop on the case as Wonder Woman tries to bring her approach to a typical murder investigation.

How useful would a lasso of truth be during an interrogation! Wonder Woman, though, was not prepared for the real truth of this sad story. Carol Flynn came up with the idea for this story and George Perez and Bob McLeod put it into action.

21. Paradise Lost (Wonder Woman Vol.2 #168-170)

In his second story arc on Wonder Woman, Phil Jimenez brought back George Perez (to co-plot and ink some pages) to help him tell the tale of how the two rival tribes of Amazons who were living together on Paradise Island in a fragile peace were slowly turned against each other until they had outright Amazon Civil War...

It was a complex tale of subterfuge and strife between ostensible sisters.

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