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50 Greatest Wonder Woman Stories: #15-13

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50 Greatest Wonder Woman Stories: #15-13

We continue the countdown of YOUR picks for the greatest Wonder Woman stories ever told! We continue with stories #15-13!

15. War (Wonder Woman Vol.4 #19-23)

Brian Azzarello continues with Wonder Woman’s continuing battle with the forces trying to kill the Last Born child of Zeus brings her into conflict with the First Born, with Orion of the New Gods playing a major role, as well. This storyline also ended up with Wonder Woman having to take up the mantle of the God of War.

Cliff Chiang did the art on the last part of this arc, with Goran Sudzuka doing a fine job on his part of the story, as well.

14. Sacrifice ( Superman Vol.2 #219, Action Comics #829, Adventures of Superman #642 and Wonder Woman Vol.2 #219)

During the OMAC Project, a miniseries leading into Infinite Crisis, Batman discovers that Maxwell Lord has been plotting against the superhero community for years. Batman has a plan to stop him, but is suddenly attacked by Superman. Only Wonder Woman stepping in to defend the caped crusader allows him to survive the attack by the man of steel. As it turned out, Maxwell Lord had warped Superman’s mind and caused him to see Batman as Doomsday, Brainiac and other villains trying to murder Lois Lane. Now, with Batman safe, it came down to Wonder Woman to stop Superman (he now saw HER as Doomsday)…

Greg Rucka quickly positioned Wonder Woman into a spot where she had to make a terrible choice to protect her friend, even if it meant appearing like a murderer to the rest of the world!

13. Earth One (Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 1)

In this gorgeous graphic novel drawn by Yanick Paquette, Grant Morrison re-invents Wonder Woman, having her defy her mother and traveling to Man’s World with Steve Trevor. She returns to be tried by her Amazon peers, and along the way, we see her journey to Man’s World, including her shock at how women are treated in this world…

It was a bold re-imagining of the Wonder Woman mythos by Morrison and Paquette.

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