Wonder Woman Stands Tall at Themyscira in New Set Photo

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Themyscira is one of the most mysterious places in the DC Comics universe, but Gal Gadot -- star of the upcoming “Wonder Woman” film adaptation -- has revealed some of the island’s most precious secrets by sharing a set photo via Twitter. As it turns out, Themyscira’s coast is just like ours.

? ? ? #wonderwoman @WonderWomanFilm pic.twitter.com/L4OWi1eyty

— Gal Gadot (@GalGadot) February 1, 2017

The photo shows Gadot striking a distracted-but-heroic pose in form-fitting golden armor, attended by a pair of fellow Amazons standing below what looks to be a giant gong. Gadot didn't reveal much context, opting to add only three heart emojis to the post.

Production on “Wonder Woman” has been moving along steadily since the film found its director Patty Jenkins in 2015, after Michelle MacLaren departed citing creative differences. The film now has a capable villain rooted firmly in “Wonder Woman” lore that plays off the chaotic backdrop of World War I.

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Jenkins has been forthcoming about the superhero film and working with DC Comics, noting that Wonder Woman isn’t just a two-dimensional bruiser, but someone who believes in big concepts like goodness and love. Apparently, she doesn’t believe in football, though, because you won’t be seeing the Amazon princess in any ads during the Super Bowl.

Opening June 2, “Wonder Woman” is a Warner Bros. production starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright.

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