Wonder Woman: Her 10 Fiercest Armors, Ranked

DC Comics just released the new 1984 Wonder Woman movie poster, which is set to debut next year, and fans are going crazy. The poster is a brightly lit and colorful depiction of Gal Gadot as the 1984 Wonder Woman. Except, instead of her archetypical costume in all red, gold, and blue armor, she is now fashioned in this immaculate gold-plated frame.

The new garb looks promising, to say the least, but it begs the question as to which comic the new silver screen costume is derived from. The speculation has caused fans to dive deep into DC comic history to dissect each and every one of the heroine costumes that Diana Prince has worn over the years. Wonder Woman has had her fair share of wardrobe changes, with some equipped with more than just the Bracelets of Submission.  We can only hope for the best when Patty Jenkins works her magic in the upcoming Wonder Woman film and the ones that will follow (because, based on their track record, it seems inevitable that there will be a collection for this DC superhero).

So, which versions of Wonder Woman's armor will appear in the next installment, and which ones do audiences hope to see for future silver screen adaptations?  Here is a ranking of Wonder Woman's fiercest armors over her 78-year run.

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10 The Original

While the original costume isn't quite bullet-proof, it obviously didn't stop her from taking on the likes of villains such as Ares and Circe. The outfit that pioneered Wonder Woman to superhero legacy isn't quite so outdated by today's standards anymore, though it is woefully impractical for a crime-fighting hero. In the earliest comics, Wonder Woman wore a knee-length star-spangled skirt, which surely made running, jumping, and kicking butt somewhat of an obstacle. Her red tube-top had a fierce golden eagle embellished on the front, which of course doesn't provide much protection. Her bulwark accessories, the gauntlets and her golden tiara, acted as her only shields to deflect oncoming bullets. The Bracelets of Submission have always been her greatest assets, as the cuffs are bullet, energy, and projectile weapon-proof. Still, the rest of her ill-fitted superhero costume make this one of Wonder Woman's most low-ranking armors.

9 Justice League: War

This is one of Wonder Woman's most diverse design concepts to date. It appeared briefly in Justice League: War, a 2014 direct-to-video animated film. This one seems a bit more pragmatic, though the small one-piece suit still doesn't do her any favors. This armor was a bit more subdued in its color scheme, opting to replace her typical golded armor into silver accessories instead. Maybe it's this change in color or the distinctive high neckline that makes this armor seem more intimidating than her earlier concepts. Still, as far as armor protection services, this one is going to have to be low on the list in terms of her costume's ferocity.

8 90s Biker Wonder Woman

Audiences are so used to associating Wonder Woman with her American-spirited outfits, that people tend to take a step back if she appears in anything else. The 1990's "biker" Wonder Woman was loved by few, but noticed by all. After having to relinquish her title and armor to a fellow Amazonian, Diana was forced to throw on a new facade. Whether the comic artists were just trying to be edgy to fit in with the popular 90s grunge theme, or simply being rebellious themselves, this look is thankfully didn't last long.

Her leather pants and bra were more risque than anything, with her actual armor being narrowed down to just her gauntlets. The change in wardrobe didn't seem to have an effect on her fighting capabilities, but fans ultimately prefer Wonder Woman's Amazon warrior princess garb to this casual street wear.

7 1994 Superboy Annual

While this one is still an odd mashup, it is seemingly the first time we see the artist pay attention to Wonder Woman's armor. In the 1994 Superboy Annual, Diana was given a full-fledged black jumpsuit, which gave her a more aggressive veneer. Her Silver Age piece is thrown on top of that and covered slightly with a black leather jacket. The pops of color help clue villains in on what superhero they're dealing with, while the pantsuit helps to give Diana some more flexibility. Along with her gauntlets and tiara, Wonder Woman became fastened with leg and knee guards, which really only added to an already fierce outfit. Sure, it clashes somewhat, but it's more practical than anything else she had worn up to this point.

6 Justice League: Drowned Earth

Justice League: Drowned Earth had Wonder Woman teaming up with Aquaman in the 2018 comic. It looks almost identical to her Rebirth costume, but with obvious changes in the coloring. The red and blue is a bit dulled down, but the most noticeable new concept here was the addition of her armor; she has some bulky silver pieces of metal fastened onto her writs and one shoulder, which shows that she means business. In addition to her ever-present wrist guards, she has additional armor protection on top of these, with her shield hooked to her, ready to go. Her boots and kneecap pieces are more intricately detailed, and her skirt is roughed up with patches missing from the fabric. This outfit shows that this warrior has been through hell and back, and it's an incredible true-to-life representation of which we hope to see more.

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5 Wonder Woman and the Furies

Again, this one differs drastically from Wonder Woman's typical armor, but it does so with finesse. In Wonder Woman and the FuriesDiana is wearing an armored chest plate, with the conspicuous golden 'W' prominent in front of the red armor.  She finally substitutes her usual blue skirt with some reasonable pants, but there's a feathered white skirt on top to really give this armored look some flair. The most obvious change is the golden spiked helmet that covers most of her face. She also has thicker shoulder armor protection and even more silver armor down the length of her arm and across her elbows.

4 Injustice 2

Wonder Woman in Injustice: Gods Among Us 2

Wonder Woman's Injustice 2 armor is deliberately more brazen that her other modern costumes. Her usual one-piece suit is now completely armored in various different styles and colors. The "Regime Wonder Woman" in "Gods Among Us" for instance is a red bodysuit with an immaculate golden and silver chest place that looks like it can withstand a bomb blast. Another skin from this game has her dressed in pants with intricate details, but still with the frontal armor taking the stage. Many of the options allow for Wonder Woman to have armor gold details and even spikes, which can be added to her knee guards or her shield.

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3 2017 Wonder Woman

Every Confirmed/Rumored Upcoming DC Movie

While the 2017 Wonder Woman costume pays homage to the superhero's traditional style, the material seems to be more durable than earlier versions. Gal Gadot's wardrobe is effectively more fierce than; say, Lynda Carter's bedazzled one-piece when she portrayed the character in the 1970's TV series. The film's version did a nice job balancing an armor-textured bodysuit with darker hues of red and blue. Her tiara and gauntlets were valuable accessories, as audiences see firsthand during the film, throwing away any illusion that the Amazonian's wardrobe would affect her fighting skills.

2 Kingdom Come

Out of all of Wonder Woman's fierce armor pieces, none shine as brightly as her gear from Kingdom Come. In fact, it is this armor that fans most predominately suspect as the inspiration behind Patty Jenkin's Wonder Woman 1984 costume. This is definitely armor made for battle, with only a scant amount of skin poking its way through the golden protection. This version even gives the Amazon Princess her own set of gold wings which only add to the fiery look of this soldier armor. The new poster shows Gal Gadot in an entire gold set of protective gear, and seeing as this comic is the only one that gives Wonder Woman a full golden suit, it seems likely that this is the DCEU's own version of the suit from Kingdom Come.

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1 New 52

This New 52 redesign finds its way to the top because it holds all of the favorite attributes from Wonder Woman's costumes over the years. The golden 'W' is present across her chest, with her tiara and gauntlets taking on the look from the earliest designs. There is no skirt in this armored presence, but her pants still pay tribute to her typical red, white, and gold theme.

She comes fully armored, so she's ready for battle, with extra shields added for her shoulders. The battled-warrior guise combined with her usual Amazonian features helps give a reason as to why her New 52 outfit is the most intimidating, yet attractive, costumes of Wonder Woman's to date.

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