Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four, Justice League, X-Men 3: February 8th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Moviehole, "Newcomer Satu Rautaharju, soon to be seen in the film 'Communication Breakdown,' has been linked to the role of the big-screen 'Wonder Woman.'"


Even Marvel's first family doesn't wanna mess with Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg -- according to the Hollywood Reporter, the 20th Century Fox film has moved its opening date back four days to July 8 after news broke that "War of the Worlds," directed by Spielberg and headlined by Cruise, would open on June 29th. "We are not running from 'War of the Worlds,"' Fox president of distribution Bruce Snyder said. "This (new) date just works better for us." The FF's main competition now is magical -- Sony Pictures' film adaptation of the popular '60s TV show "Bewitched," with a cast headed by Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.


Speaking of the FF, Mister Fantastic will get an early start on playing a comic book hero by being Mister Miracle -- Comics Continuum reports that actor Ioan Gruffudd will give voice to Scott Free in this Saturday's new episode of the hit Cartoon Network series called "The Ties That Bind." "All the ladies took notice of him when he came in to do the voice," Justice League Unlimited producer Bruce Timm said. "He turned quite a few heads." Here's how Cartoon Network described the episode: "The world's greatest escape artist needs help from the Flash in order to break a deadly enemy out of an inescapable prison on an alien planet." They also have screen captures from the episode, which clearly shows Big Barda involved as well.


Director Mira Nair confirmed to Rediff that "Harold and Kumar" actor Kal Penn "has just signed on as Superman's best friend in the new movie called 'Superman Returns.' As soon as he finishes shooting for 'Namesake,' he will shoot for that."


MSN has a interview clip (Windows Media only) from Australia where actress Famke Janssen confirmed that she's in for the third mutant-themed film from Marvel.


The WB has posted a new clip (Windows Media and high speed connections only) from this week's episode "Recruit." Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville has yet another onslaught of screen captures, this time from last week's shocker episode "Pariah."


The official site has been updated with interviews (including production designer Nathan Crowley), new images and more.


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