Wonder Woman, Fantastic Four 2, Smallville, Spider-Man 3: March 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Writer/director Joss Whedon talked to About.com, discussing the script and the possibility of a Lynda Carter cameo. "If itÕs right for the movie. I think Lynda Carter's great. I mean, I ragged on the show but thatÕs not her. ItÕs just a question of IÕm not going to do something that isnÕt integral to the film. If I found something that was right, absolutely, but not if it takes you out of the narrative."


According to a scooper at Superhero Hype, actor Michael Chiklis was on "Live with Regis and Kelly" and said that he would be filming the sequel in Vancouver this summer.


Kryptonsite has the network description for the Tom Welling-directed episode "Fragile," which airs April 13th. They also have an image gallery of behind the scenes photos from the episode "Fade," as does Flickr page and there's even three close up ones on Devoted to Smallville (scroll down, you'll see 'em, Chloe is wearing this wacky plaid coat).


Superhero Hype has an announcement from Cleveland's Council of Smaller Enterprises, talking about the film's relationship to local merchants, while the Akron Beacon Journal has a feature on the film's impact on the city. Meanwhile, these pages outline details of filming in Los Angeles today and Monday.


The Superman Homepage has a concept design of the characters for the proposed animated series.


AdAge (registration required) notes that Warner Brothers plans to keep Bryan Singer happy and in-house for some time. "There's a plan in place ... to keep 'Superman' fresh long after this summer's movie leaves the multiplex. The studio already has announced another feature film with 'Superman Returns' director Bryan Singer, likely for 2009, and possibly a direct-to-video movie in between the upcoming release and the 2009 offering. "


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