New Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 Art Revealed

Wonder Woman Earth One

DC Comics today revealed the first inked art from Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette‘s upcoming Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2. The new graphic novel is the sequel to Wonder Woman: Earth One, which retold the Amazon princess’s heroic origins and saw her go up against Medusa. The graphic novel left off with Diana ready to fully embrace her identity as Wonder Woman, and the new art shows her doing just that.

wonder woman vol 2 earth one

It’s not all saving Steve Trevor from fiery jets midair in this new volume, though. Morrison addressed at least one major change for the character in DC Comics’ Meet the Publisher panel at New York Comic Con: her costume. During the panel, Morrison showed two slides featuring new outfits for Diana. One was fashioned after a baseball uniform, while the other appeared Grecian in origin.

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“I always hated the idea that Diana would only have one costume, so we’re doing a new costume for her in every panel,” Morrison said, joking.

Morrison also talked to CBR about the second volume (and planned third) back in April of last year. According to the writer, the new volume will focus more on Hippolyta, Diana’s mother and the leader of the Amazons. Hippolyta largely spent her time in the first volume hunting for Diana, who had escaped Themyscira after saving an injured Steve Trevor. Morrison said he would also be incorporating elements of modern feminist critique, as well as queer and transgender issues, into the new volume.

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