Wonder Woman: Diana Dons a Wedding Dress in New Nicola Scott Art

Nicola Scott, who served as one of the artists on Wonder Woman at the start of DC's Rebirth, shared a new sketch Diana in a wedding dress.

The dress pays homage to the Amazon Warrior's Greek origins, with Diana standing in a koré offering pose complete with an archaic smile while wearing a cinched, goddess-cut tunic with flowy, open sleeves, a classic half-up hairdo adorned with stars and holding a simple white camellia bouquet. The stormy background is very appropriate too, as rain on a wedding day means good luck in many cultures.

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In the DC Universe, Diana's love interest is usually Steve Trevor, a human senior government agent and spy that was rescued by Diana in Themyscira after his plane crashed near the Amazon island's shores, and the first human male to set foot on it. He was most recently played by Chris Pine, who described him as roguish and charming. Despite Steve's interest in Diana, his marriage proposals are usually refused because she follows Aphrodite's Law, which stipulates that Amazons must never surrender to a man for any reason.

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Not that the scene requires a groom; as the korés of ancient Greece, Diana Prince could be marrying a woman or simply renewing her vows to the goddess Athena, who is one of her closest allies, dressed for the occasion and bringing an offering of flowers.

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