Forget Batman, Wonder Woman ALSO Has a Strategy to Defeat Other Heroes

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DCeased #6 by Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Stefano Gaudiano, Rain Beredo and Saida Temofonte, in stores now.

Over the years, Batman has earned himself a reputation as arguably the most powerful superhero in the DC Universe. But this title doesn't come from special abilities -- no, it comes from preparedness. Many times over, Bruce Wayne has shown that he has elaborate plans to take down every major Justice League superhero, should they over go rogue. Whether it's in a storyline like Tower of Babel, where Batman's plans to take down heroes were stolen and exposed, or Endgame, where the Dark Knight showcased his Justice League-buster armor, Bruce Wayne has often demonstrated that he has plans for worst-case scenarios.

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To fans and the characters of the DC Universe alike, Batman's reputation as someone who can take down Superman and the Justice League has likened him to a god. But as it turns out, he's not the only one who plans for the worst. In DCeased #6, it's revealed that Wonder Woman, an actual god, also has similar plans.

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DCeased #5 ended with a shocking cliffhanger when an infected Superman attempted to leave the Earth and deprive himself of oxygen before he could be turned into a mindless, horrific monster hellbent on death and destruction. Unfortunately, the Man of Steel's final attempt at heroism was too late -- as he reached the Earth's atmosphere, the virus took hold of him and he was transformed into a murderous zombie.

Now, as DCeased #6 opens, we see what type of threat a zombie Superman represents. He doesn't waste any time destroying whatever is in his path and killing as many civilians as he can. The remaining members of the Justice League instantly recognize the danger he poses. And while some believe there is no stopping him, Damian Wayne thinks he has the answer. While his father, Bruce, may be dead, he did leave behind his files on how to take down the League. When it comes to Superman, the Dark Knight had plans to use Kryptonite to make a non-lethal gas that would subdue the Last Son of Krypton.

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However, this is no time for non-lethal methods. Superman has to be put down decisively if there is any hope of survival. "You have a better solution?" the Green Lantern-powered Black Canary asks Wonder Woman. "Of course," the Amazon Princess answers. "You think Batman's the only one with enough sense to plot against his friends?"

After this, Diana Prince is seen forging a new weapon to kill Superman. She fuses Damian's Kryptonite into the sword of Athena. The sword is fueled by magic, which is one of Superman's weaknesses. Combined with Kryptonite, it's a double dose of what can take down the Man of Steel. Taking the sword into battle, Wonder Woman is able to slice Superman's arm off and stab him through the chest. But, unfortunately, it's not enough to take him down.

Still, Wonder Woman's plan was sound. She may preach love and acceptance, but she is a skilled warrior. It makes sense that she, too, would have the foresight to figure out how to take down the Justice League. In DCeased #6, she reveals her plan to take down Superman. Yet we can't help but wonder, how would she plan on taking out Batman? Here's hoping that, even though he's gone, we'll find out one day.

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