"Wonder Woman Day" Event & Auction Raises Over $15,000 For Charity

Official Press Release

Portland, Oregon- America's most famous super-heroine was the star at the first-ever "Wonder Woman Day" event at Excalibur Comics in Portland on October 29th. The free all-ages event, organized by best-selling author Andy Mangels, included a trio of comic book artists signing Wonder Woman comics, as well as a silent art auction with over 100 of the world's top artists contributing original art, plus raffles, costumes, rare memorabilia, and more. In the aftermath of the event, the total amount raised was determined, with 100% of all monies going to two of Portland's most protective women and children's shelters - Raphael House and Bradley-Angel House. The total raised was $15,405.33!

Jessica Elkin, Director of Development of Raphael House of Portland notes that the charity, "Andy Mangels and his event 'Wonder Woman Day' at Excalibur Comics made a critical difference in the lives of thousands of women and children in this community fleeing domestic violence. Every year Raphael House of Portland serves 350 women and children, because of the support of 'Wonder Woman Day,' the dedication of Mr. Mangels and the generous contributions of participating artists throughout the world we are able to serve 70 people in our emergency domestic violence shelter!"

Continuing, Elkin says, "Mr. Mangels utilized and embraced the power of the most famous super-heroine of our time to inspire and educate comic book lovers and those dedicated to eradicating domestic violence. It is hard to know what kind of difference Wonder Woman has made in the last fifty years, but today, Andy Mangels and all the artists and companies who contributed have collectively made a difference in the lives of thousands in this community."

Kristan Knapp, Development Director of Bradley-Angle House, says, "Bradley-Angle House is always excited when members of the community develop an idea for raising money to assist women and children escaping domestic violence. Andy Mangels' creative 'Wonder Woman Day' celebration offered Wonder Woman fans and comic book readers in general an opportunity to do something locally to stop abuse between intimate partners. Not only did the event raise awareness during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, it raised more than $15,000 to fund the daily operations of two local domestic violence shelters."

Knapp added, "Events produced by community members directly support our Emergency Shelter Program, serving more than 100 women and children annually. Thank you to Excalibur Books, Andy Mangels, all the artists that donated their illustrations, and everyone else that helped make this a very successful fundraiser. At Bradley-Angle House we know how the determination of one person can make a difference in the lives of others. We know Wonder Woman would be pleased!"

Producer of the event was Andy Mangels, a best-selling author and DVD documentary director. "The scope of the event was astonishing. We had attendees in ages from babies to eighties! A cool moment came when two little girls dressed as Wonder Woman posed with the exquisite Lynda Carter life-size mannequin on display. The artists signing -- Terry Dodson, Matt Clark, and Anne Timmons -- all had a great time, and the art auction was full of people bidding generously, and rounds of applause for the high bidders."

"Lots of people have asked if there will be another 'Wonder Woman Day' event, or something similar," says Mangels, who had previously produced a 2001 benefit book for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund that raised around $7,000. "It certainly seems likely, given the tremendous support locally from our community, and internationally from artists and companies who donated artwork, merchandise, and prizes. My thanks to everyone who helped raise both awareness and this fantastic amount, which will go to help heal families in need."

The event was filmed for an episode of the Canadian TV crew from the show FANatical, for 2007 broadcast.

The contributors to the Art Auction and raffles are included below. Scans of all art and photos of contributed items will remain on display at www.wonderwomanmuseum.com


While most pieces went for around $50-250, here are the top 15 pieces and their winning bid prices:

Alex Ross $4,000

Adam Hughes $777

Terry Dodson $500

Ryan Sook $400

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez $377

Paul Gulacy $350

Howard Bender $333

Jaime Hernandez $330

Michael Allred $325

Matt Haley $300

Gary Frank $300

Joseph M. Linsner $300

Stephen Sadowski $295

John Romita $285

Dave Johnson $275


Artists contributing include such luminaries as Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Bill Morrison, Dan Piraro, David Lloyd, Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, John Romita Sr., Aaron Sowd, Alex Chung, Alex Robinson, Alexandre Tso, Allison Sohn, Al Rio, Anne Timmons, Arnold Pander, Bernie Mireault, Bill Maus, Bill Morrison, Billy Tan, Bob McCleod, Brad Rader, Brian Williamson, Chaz Truog, Colleen Coover, Colleen Doran, Dan Panosian, Dan Parent, Darwyn Cooke, Dave Hoover, Dave Johnson, David Chelsea, David Hahn, Dennis Janke, Denys Cowan, Dick Giordano, Don Perlin, Donna Barr, Eduardo Pansica, Eric Wight, Eric Wolfe Hanson, Franchesco, Fred Hembeck, Gary Frank, Gary Martin, Geof Isherwood, Greg Horn, Greg Moutafis, Guy Davis, Howard Bender, Howard Cruse, J.A. Fludd, Janet Hetherington, Jay Stephens, Jerry Carr, Jim Mahfood, Jim Mooney, Joe Benitez, Joe Rubinstein, Joe Staton, John McCrea, José Carlos, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Joseph Linsner, Kristen McCabe, Marat Mychaels, Mark Nagata, Mark Pennington, Mark Spears, Mark Wheatley, Matt Clark, Matt Haley, Michael Dooney, Michael T. Gilbert, Mike Allred, Milton Knight, Norm Breyfogle, Paige Braddock, Pat Moriarity, Patrick Fillion, Paul Guinan, Paul Gulacy, Paul T. Gould, Phil Hester, Phil Yeh, Randy Emberlin, Richard Howell, Roberta Gregory, Rodney Buchemi, Ronn Sutton, Ryan Sook, Sam Glanzman, Shawn McManus, Steve Lieber, Steve Rolston, Steve Rude, Steve Sadowski, Terry Dodson, Tod Smith, and Todd Nauck!


Matting and Framing by Jason Jones and Aeroframe Gallery in Oregon City

Poster and Flier designed by Richard J. Fowlks

Printing donated by Documart Printing and TIS Grafx

Banner donated by Sign Wizards

autographed materials from Katie Harman, Miss America 2002

autographed materials from Allan Heinberg

merchandise from Brian Snoddy, David Delamare, John Lustig/Last Kiss, DC

Comics, DC Direct, Diamond Comic Distributors, Graphitti Designs, Pocket Books, Vandor, Junk Food Apparel, Upper Deck Entertainment, Ink & Paint DVDs, Pendant Productions, Tonner Dolls, Warner Bros. Animation, SuperHero Stuff, and CounterMedia books.

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