Darkseid Is Back, Fully Powered and Fully Evil - R.I.P. [SPOILER]


WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman #37 by James Robinson, Carlo Pagulayan and Stephen Segovia.

Wonder Woman #36 ended with the surprise return of Zeus, and the promise of an Earth-crumbling showdown between old and New God. Darkseid, who for the past years had been reduced to the state of an infant, had progressively grown to the size of a young adult by consuming the energy of Zeus' children all over the world. Now a young adult, Darkseid may not possess the power he once did, but he is still a formidable villain, and more than able to hold his own against the might of Zeus.

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The stage has been set for a battle of thunder and fire, and Wonder Woman #37 delivered on that front. Zeus and the young Darkseid wage a battle that shatters everything around them. This clash of gods truly is epic, as lightning bolts and Omega Beams fly left and right. Since the appearance of Zeus in the previous issue was made to be a very big deal, readers had every right to believe his return would be a noteworthy one. However, finding the Olympian god had been Darkseid's plan all along...

Wonder Woman Darkseid Zeus fight

The young Darkseid reveals that killing Zeus' children may have helped in re-aging him and giving him more power, but his true goal was always to weed to lightning god out -- to force him into revealing himself. And the lord of Apokolips' plan worked exactly as intended. Zeus went out of hiding in the hopes of saving his daughter Diana. Ever the proud deity, Zeus boasted his power, truly believing Darkseid to be his inferior. But Darkseid has no equal. Darkseid, after all, is. Zeus was his coveted prize, and when the time is right in the fight of gods, Darkseid absorbs all of his opponent's energy to return to his former glory.

In doing so, Darkseid properly returns to his fully grown (and fully powered) self. Standing mighty above the dead body of Zeus, Darkseid is back, the Omega symbol on his chest and his fists burning bright. Before Wonder Woman can avenge her father however, the villain leaves with his daughter in tow, spouting off about his greater plan.

Wonder Woman Darkseid returns

Considering that Darkseid has been in a child state ever since the start of DC Rebirth, it's obvious DC has big things in store for the despotic villain. The throne of Apokolips was left vacant, and it was effectively filled by an absent Superman, as seen in the "Imperius Lex" storyline in the Superman series by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason. Surely Darkseid's return to Apokolips will be chronicled sooner rather than later, and he will find that the planet he returns to is quite different than the one he left behind.

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Wonder Woman's "Children of the Gods" storyline has now concluded, leaving in its wake a trail of Olympian bodies. Now, Diana has reconciled with her brother, and he just might prove himself to be a crucial ally in the continuing fight against Darkseid, Grail and the rest of Apokolips.

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