Wonder Woman Just Met the DCU's Dark Gods - But Who Are They?

WARNING: This article contains spoiler for Wonder Woman #46 by James Robinson and Stephen Segovia, in stores now.

In the closing pages of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's recently concluded DC event Dark Nights: Metal, the Justice League's efforts to defeat the monstrous Barbatos and his evil Batmen was successful, but it came at a great cost. The Source Wall, the literal border of the known universe, was ruptured.

We've already been warned that this outcome will lead to devastating consequences, first of which is the arrival of the Omega Titans, ancient cosmic forces that can hold entire planets in the palm of their hands. The coming of these giant new enemies has been greatly hyped by DC, and the Justice League's new fight to save the world begins in this week's Justice League: No Justice.

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But No Justice isn't the only comic chronicling the after-effects of the destruction of the Source Wall. In James Robinson and Stephen Segovia's Wonder Woman #46, we see a different kind of threat come for Earth, and it's one that could be just as dangerous as the Titans: the Dark Gods.

Wonder Woman Cheetah Dark Gods

Upon their arrival, the Dark Gods waste no time in making their presence felt. Right off the bat, we see Cheetah snap out of her slumber in a daze of rage, swearing off Urzkartaga, the god she once worshiped and now hates. Unable to be contained or controlled, she lashes out at anyone who stands in her way, making them pay with their blood. As she does so, she warns that new, dark gods are coming, and she needs to purge her connection to Urzkartaga in order to face them.

Cheetah isn't the only one experiencing unexplained bouts of rage; this type of behavior is happening globally. Across the globe, thousands of people are lashing out in anger, rioting and swearing off the gods they once worshiped, all of them praising that these next gods, the Dark Gods, will be coming soon. According to Trevor, those that are affected by this rage are people whose confidence and belief in their respective gods is shaken, no matter who they are, and no matter what planet they come from.

Even Supergirl is affected by this rage, and she is coming straight for Wonder Woman as the issue comes to a close.

Wonder Woman Dark Gods Supergirl

Who are the Dark Gods, and what is it they want? We don't actually see them in the issue; the only glimpse we have of them so far is on the cover. They look mighty and regal, and they certainly look dangerous. We don't yet know where exactly they come from, but the issue's advanced solicit description does confirm that they have arrived in the wake of Dark Nights: Metal, and that they are part of new secrets of the cosmos -- secrets that have just been unveiled. Already, we have seen that they are able to affect the minds of the masses, and turn them against their own kind. And this is only the start.

Considering Wonder Woman is defined in large part by her relationship to the Olympian pantheon, there's a good chance Diana's days are about to get a whole lot darker before they get better.

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