Wonder Woman Enjoys Killing (Quite a Bit) In Cut Justice League Footage

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When Zack Snyder introduced Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman into the DC Extended Universe in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, he made it clear she wouldn't be holding back as an Amazon warrior. Well, this certainly carried over into his Justice League follow-up last year, with Diana of Themyscira going all out against Steppenwolf's army.

Now, courtest of Reddit, we have some cut footage showing just how much the Leaguer enjoys killing in a brutal encounter with some Parademons.

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The scene focuses on one of Diana's early interactions with the forces of Apokolips and showcases her tackling a Parademon and stabbing it to death against a wall. As she finishes her kill, she turns to Steppenwolf with a smirk, indicating she does enjoy dispatching evil villains. The clip compares this cut scene to the movie's theatrical cut which didn't have this particular smirk, omitted probably to shave some seconds off the final runtime, or not to make her seem so bloodthirsty.

It's actually very reminiscent of her fight against Doomsday in her DCEU debut 2015 when she was seen also smirking when Doomsday dealt her a couple blows. As she reminded Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill), she does enjoy fighting creatures on her level, something she doesn't get with robbers and thugs.

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With Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman sequel -- set in the '80s and reportedly focusing on the Cold War -- already in production, it remains to be seen if she'll get more of these moments in due time as Jenkins' prefers to focus on her lighter side.

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